The Mystery of Im Sama's Tolerance: Why Garp Lives Despite His D Clan Affiliation
The Mystery of Im Sama's Tolerance: Why Garp Lives Despite His D Clan Affiliation

The Mystery of Im Sama’s Tolerance: Why Garp Lives Despite His D Clan Affiliation

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When it comes to the complex world of One Piece, one character stands out for defying expectations and surviving despite his affiliation with the despised D clan. That character is none other than Garp, who has managed to not only stay alive but also thrive in the Marines under the watchful eye of Im Sama. In this article, we dive deep into the reasons behind Im Sama’s tolerance for Garp’s existence despite his D clan connection, exploring the significance of the D name and Garp’s remarkable achievements within the Marine.

Im Sama, the enigmatic figure at the pinnacle of the world government, harbors a deep-seated hatred for the D clan. Considers them enemies of the world government, Im Sama has made it a mission to eliminate any trace of the D clan’s influence from existence. This animosity is made evident by the fact that Im Sama was responsible for the demise of Raja Cobra when he discovered his connection to the D clan. The question then arises, why has Garp, another D clan member, been spared?

One possible explanation is the significance of the D name itself. Im Sama is well aware of the historical importance associated with the D name and its connection to individuals who shape the world. Garp, with his exceptional strength and achievements, exemplifies this significance in the most tangible way. His prowess as one of the strongest characters in One Piece is unparalleled, even surpassing the notorious Gorosei.

Garp’s unrivaled strength and his involvement in the God Valley incident have earned him recognition not only within the Marine but also from Im Sama. During the God Valley mission, Garp’s heroic actions saved Figarland Garling, a figure with a mysterious connection to Im Sama. This act of bravery facilitated Garling’s ascension to becoming a Holy Knight, further cementing the ties between Garp and Im Sama.
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Within the corridors of power, it is speculated that Im Sama tolerates Garp’s presence for strategic reasons. Garp’s immense power can be harnessed by Im Sama to maintain their authority through marine missions. By utilizing Garp’s unparalleled strength and abilities, Im Sama ensures that their control over the world government remains unchallenged.

However, Im Sama sees current D clan members like Luffy as ignorant of the true meaning behind the D name. This ignorance could pose a threat to their authority if left unchecked. It is precisely for this reason that Im Sama executed Raja Cobra, a D clan member, to prevent other D clan members from unraveling the hidden significance of the D name.

In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Garp’s continued existence despite his D clan affiliation can be attributed to two key factors. First, the significance of the D name in the One Piece storyline and its ties to shaping the world. Second, Garp’s exceptional strength and achievements within the Marine, notably his instrumental role in the God Valley incident. These factors combine to make Garp a valuable asset in Im Sama’s eyes, one that they are willing to tolerate and rely upon to maintain their authority. Only time will tell how this delicate dynamic between Im Sama, Garp, and the D clan will unfold as the story of One Piece continues its enthralling journey.

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