The Mystery of Im Sama and Ratu Lily Unraveled in One Piece 1085
The Mystery of Im Sama and Ratu Lily Unraveled in One Piece 1085

The Mystery of Im Sama and Ratu Lily Unraveled in One Piece 1085

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One Piece 1085 has finally shed light on the strange connection between Im Sama and Ratu Lily. Eiichiro Oda reveals that Im Sama’s face has similar features to the first queen of Alabasta, Nefertari Lily because of the side effect of the ultimate technique of the Devil Fruit. The newest clue from Oda suggests that the mystery of Im Sama and Ratu Lily is interconnected. Here’s what we know so far.

Nefertari Lily is one of the founders of the world with other Tenryuubito. Her name is mentioned frequently in connection with the World King, Im Sama. If we look at the silhouette shown, Ratu Lily is somewhat similar to Im Sama. This could be a deliberate hint from Oda, or perhaps there is a more profound meaning yet to be revealed.

In One Piece 1085, Im Sama is seen carrying posters of Nefertari Vivi, the princess of Alabasta. This could indicate that Im Sama is interested in Princess Vivi, or maybe there is a more devious plan in the works by the World King.

Im Sama is over 800 years old. He confirms knowing the first queen of Alabasta, the ancestor of the Nefertari family. The queen decided to leave Mariejoa and return to Alabasta, but according to ancient scriptures, she never returned. Ratu Lily died before reaching her home country in a bizarre incident. According to leaks, Ratu Lily died because she became a vessel for Im Sama to achieve immortality. This is why Im Sama’s face mirrors Ratu Lily’s and her descendant, Vivi Nefertari.
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During the Void Century, Ratu Lily was a user of the Ope Ope no Mi, the mythical devil fruit that grants eternal life. She operated on Im Sama to make him immortal. This piece of information correlates with Doflamingo’s statement to Law that the Ope Ope no Mi can perform the ultimate operation of granting eternal life and it is the key to owning the most significant treasure. Doflamingo discusses the national treasure, Uranus, which he believes can make him the ruler of the world.

In summary, Ratu Lily died to fulfill Im Sama’s ambition to become immortal, but the side effect of the operation left him with Ratu Lily’s face. It is unclear what Im Sama’s ultimate goals are, but it appears he has a keen interest in the Nefertari family. With Oda’s tendency to drop hints for the future of One Piece, this revelation merely touches the surface of a more profound mystery behind the World Government and the void century. We eagerly await the next chapter of One Piece to find out more.

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