The Mystery of Dragon's Revolution Army: Why is the World Government So Afraid?
The Mystery of Dragon's Revolution Army: Why is the World Government So Afraid?

The Mystery of Dragon’s Revolution Army: Why is the World Government So Afraid?

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When it comes to One Piece, the character of Dragon plays a significant role in the story. As the leader of the Revolution Army, he is considered the most dangerous man in the world by the World Government. But why is Dragon so feared, and why does the World Government pay so much attention to him?

One reason is that Dragon is the first person to openly oppose the World Government and the Tenryuubito. While most pirates have their own goals and do not directly challenge the World Government’s authority, Dragon has formed the Revolution Army to fight against them. He has even successfully overthrown several countries and kingdoms that supported the Tenryuubito’s policies.

Another reason is that Dragon has gathered many dangerous individuals who have a grudge against the Tenryuubito and the World Government. This includes Sabo, Luffy’s adoptive brother and Dragon’s deputy, as well as the four commanders Karasu, Bello Betty, Morley, and Lindbergh. Along with the former Shichibukai, Bartolomeo Kuma, Koala, and the leader of the okama kingdom, Emporio Ivankov, the Revolution Army’s strength rivals that of the Yonko and the World Government’s strongest fighting force, the Marine.

The third reason is that Dragon knows the Tenryuubito’s secret and the World Government’s true goal. There is a theory that Dragon and Kuma’s faces appear on a poster in One Piece Film Z, along with well-known members of the Marine. Additionally, during the Marineford War, Vice Admiral Doberman mentioned that Luffy is Dragon’s son after Luffy unconsciously used Haoshoku Haki. Furthermore, Garp, Dragon’s father, applied the same approach to Luffy, intending to make him a strong Marine. It is very likely that Garp also approached Dragon with the same idea, but their ideologies were not aligned as Dragon disagreed with the World Government’s reverence for the Tenryuubito.

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The final reason is that Dragon is a member of the D. clan, which the World Government has labeled as demon’s spawn. Moreover, Dragon has defected from the Marine and directly opposes the Tenryuubito. Until now, the full extent of Dragon’s power remains a mystery. These reasons are enough to make the World Government fear Dragon, especially if he is stronger than the Yonko.

In conclusion, the World Government has plenty of reasons to watch Dragon. He is a formidable opponent with a powerful army and a keen understanding of the World Government’s secrets. Dragon’s character is essential to the story, and only time will tell what more is in store for him in the final saga of One Piece.

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