The Mystery Behind the Murder of Nefertari Cobra in One Piece
The Mystery Behind the Murder of Nefertari Cobra in One Piece

The Mystery Behind the Murder of Nefertari Cobra in One Piece

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The world of One Piece has always been full of surprises and mysteries. One of the most enigmatic storylines is the murder of Nefertari Cobra, the king of Alabasta.

During the Reverie meeting, Nefertari Cobra was unexpectedly killed, leaving One Piece fans guessing about the true culprit. Some rumors even pointed towards Sabo, a member of the Revolutionary Army, as the mastermind behind the murder. However, in One Piece 1084, it was finally revealed that Sabo had no part in the assassination.

Despite Sabo’s clarification, the identity of the actual killer of Nefertari Cobra remains unknown. However, there are a few characters in One Piece who are believed to know the truth. Here are some of them:

1. Morgans – The owner of a newspaper company in One Piece, Morgans is suspected of knowing about the death of Nefertari Cobra. Although he claimed Sabo as the main suspect, he might be aware of the true cause of Nefertari Cobra’s death. He took a picture of Sabo standing next to Nefertari Cobra’s corpse, suggesting that he witnessed the murder with his own eyes. However, since he is being targeted by the Navy for spreading a picture of Nika, he may twist his stories according to the World Government’s desires.

2. Wapol – Surprisingly, Wapol also seems to have witnessed the murder of Nefertari Cobra. In One Piece 1074, he was seen exhibiting excessive fear towards the World Government, implying that he is keeping a significant secret. It is likely that he is a key witness in the murder investigation.

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3. Sabo – Although Sabo was once suspected of being involved in the murder, he might have witnessed the killing himself. This theory was supported by the fact that he was caught on camera standing next to Nefertari Cobra. Sabo may have seen what happened but was unable to prevent the king’s death. He will reveal more about this to Dragon, but it has not been shown yet, as the flashback ended when Nefertari Cobra entered the Gorosei’s room.

In conclusion, the murder of Nefertari Cobra remains one of the most significant mysteries in One Piece. While Sabo was cleared of all suspicions, some characters such as Morgans, Wapol, and Sabo himself are believed to have information regarding the true cause of Nefertari Cobra’s death. Will the truth ever be revealed? Only time will tell in the world of One Piece.

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