The Mystery Behind Shanks' Defeat by Kurohige in One Piece
The Mystery Behind Shanks' Defeat by Kurohige in One Piece

The Mystery Behind Shanks’ Defeat by Kurohige in One Piece

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One of the most beloved characters by One Piece fans is Shanks, and it’s not hard to see why. Despite having only one hand, his overpowering strength is awe-inspiring. Even Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, showed us how Shanks could defeat Kid with just one attack without any struggle. However, the question remains, why was Shanks defeated by Kurohige?

Considering Shanks’ massive strength, it seems unlikely that he would succumb to Kurohige’s attack. After all, they both hold the position of Yonkou Bajak Laut. However, Eiichiro Oda portrayed Shanks in a position of inaction, not resisting or avoiding Kurohige’s attack. This inconsistency causes fans to wonder why Shanks was defeated.

There are two possible explanations for Shanks’ defeat. First, he may have deliberately avoided fighting Kurohige to prevent further war and destruction. Shanks’ character dislikes causing trouble, unlike Kurohige, who thrives in chaos. By avoiding a serious battle, Shanks created peace during the war. It’s a plausible explanation for why he chose not to resist.

The second explanation is that Kurohige knew a secret of Shanks, which he threatened to reveal. If Shanks were to engage in battle with his full strength, Kurohige would expose his secrets. Therefore, instead of risking exposure, Shanks accepted defeat. This also makes sense because with Shanks’ strength, he should have easily won in a one-on-one fight.
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It’s essential to note that while Shanks was defeated, he wasn’t killed or severely injured. He received a wound on his face, which he bears to this day. Given his skill and strength, it’s difficult to believe that Shanks would allow himself to be defeated easily. However, as with all mysteries, it’s up to the fans to interpret and speculate further.

In conclusion, the mystery behind Shanks’ defeat by Kurohige in One Piece remains a topic of great interest for fans. Whether it was intentional or a forced choice due to the revelation of his secret, Shanks’ character is still highly respected and admired. His decision to avoid conflict or to prioritize preventing harm and violence reflects the message of peace embedded in the One Piece story.

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