The Mystery behind Imu Sama and the Future of Alabasta’s Princess in One Piece

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One Piece has always been famous for its complex and intriguing storyline. Among the mysteries that have puzzled the fans over the years, one of the most significant ones is the identity of Imu Sama. The recent introduction of the character has left many fans wondering about its origins, and the possible implications it might have on the future of the story. In this article, we will explore the connection between Imu Sama and the Nefertari family, and the potential role of Princess Vivi in the upcoming events.

It is believed that Imu Sama is the ruler of the World Government and has been in power for more than 800 years. Lily, a member of the Nefertari family and one of the rulers of Alabasta, is suspected to be the current Imu Sama. However, some fans argue that Imu Sama might be just a title given to whoever holds the highest position in the World Government. If this theory is correct, then Lily has passed her power to her descendants, and Vivi could be the next in line.

Many questions remain unanswered about Imu Sama and its true nature. It is unclear whether it is a person or a title, and what powers it holds. Some fans speculate that Imu Sama might have used the Ope Ope no Mi, a Devil Fruit that grants immortality, to stay alive for 800 years. However, it is still just a rumor, and the truth behind the mystery remains unknown.

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The connection between the Nefertari family and Imu Sama raises many questions about their role in the World Government. If Vivi is indeed the next in line to become Imu Sama, it would put her in a difficult position. She is already loyal to the Straw Hat pirates, and becoming the ruler of the World Government would make her their enemy. Moreover, Vivi is a beloved character among the fans, and many would be saddened to see her go against Luffy and his crew.

The introduction of Imu Sama and the potential involvement of Vivi in the upcoming events of One Piece add another layer of complexity to the story. It is unclear yet how the events will unfold, but it is safe to assume that the Straw Hat pirates will have a vital role to play in the resolution of the conflict. The future of Alabasta’s Princess and the world of One Piece is shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain: the journey is far from over.

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