The Mysterious Shanks: An Agent of the Holy Knights in One Piece?
The Mysterious Shanks: An Agent of the Holy Knights in One Piece?

The Mysterious Shanks: An Agent of the Holy Knights in One Piece?

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Shanks has become a hot topic among One Piece fans once again as the Holy Knights appeared, with theories circulating that he may be a member of the group. Since his introduction in chapter 1054, Shanks has added new facts and mysteries to the story. Eiichiro Oda revealed that Shanks is a powerful character in One Piece, mastering three types of Haki and possessing remarkable swordsmanship. But his appearance also brings up questions about his origin and identity.

One popular theory about Shanks is that he is an undercover agent, just like X-Drake, suspected of being one of the Holy Knights. This perception is based on the silhouette of Holy Knights members, including someone who bears a striking resemblance to Shanks. If this theory holds, then Shanks is an agent who balances his life as a pirate and a member of the Holy Knights working for the World Government. There must be a good reason behind Shanks’ decision to become an agent, such as working toward a greater goal, or it could be related to Roger’s last words before disbanding his crew.

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In addition to being an agent, there is also a theory that Shanks is a Tenryuubito, found on God Valley island, where the descendants of Celestial Dragons once lived. Some fans believe that Shanks may have a twin brother, as suggested by one of the characters who met the Tenryuubito. Shanks’ mysterious past has yet to be fully uncovered, and there are still many unsolved mysteries in One Piece, such as the Void Century, Im Sama, and ancient weapons.

Despite these speculations, Shanks remains a powerful and beloved character in One Piece. His appearance has sent ripples through the fandom, renewing interest in his background and his role in the story. As the plot thickens, fans cannot wait to see what new mysteries and revelations emerge.

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