The Mysterious Power of Luffy That Surpasses Gear 5th in One Piece
The Mysterious Power of Luffy That Surpasses Gear 5th in One Piece

The Mysterious Power of Luffy That Surpasses Gear 5th in One Piece

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One Piece fans have seen how powerful Luffy’s Gear 5th is in his battle against Kaido in Wano. However, according to the former Shichibukai Juraquille Mihawk, there’s an even more terrifying power possessed by the main protagonist of the series that surpasses Gear 5th. It’s the ability to make people become his allies, a power that allows him to form alliances with strong characters like Law, Kidd, Boa Hancock, and many more.

Mihawk revealed this power at the Marineford War, wherein he mentioned that Luffy could make people side with him and become his allies. This power has been proven true by how Luffy was able to recruit strong and highly-skilled characters such as Zoro, Sanji, Jinbe, and even Franky, who initially refused to join him. Moreover, he even managed to influence the monsters who were participating in the tournament in Dressrosa and had them form an alliance with him.

This remarkable power that Luffy possesses is far more terrifying than his Gear 5th. However, rumors are circulating that there are still two gears left for Luffy to unleash. The theory suggests that Tony Tony Chopper holds the key to unlocking these gears since he managed to maximize the potential of his devil fruit abilities. He was able to develop an invention called Rumble Ball, which enabled him to access additional forms of transformation beyond the usual three forms of a zoan-type devil fruit. He went on to create a way to have a total of seven transformations and even made two Rumble Balls that allowed him to turn into a giant and still maintain his consciousness.

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As Chopper has been proven to be a genius in maximizing his devil fruit abilities, there’s a possibility that he holds the key to unlocking Luffy’s 6th and 7th gears. Fans are intrigued and excited as they wait for what Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has in store for the main protagonist in the future.

In conclusion, while Luffy’s Gear 5th is already a powerful ability, it is his power of influence that makes him a force to be reckoned with. With the potential to unlock his 6th and 7th gears, fans can’t wait to see what new and exciting abilities Luffy will unveil in his journey to becoming the Pirate King.

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