The Mysterious Imu Sama: The All-Powerful Leader of World Government
The Mysterious Imu Sama: The All-Powerful Leader of World Government

The Mysterious Imu Sama: The All-Powerful Leader of World Government

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As a 24-year-old female college student, I am fascinated by the character of Imu Sama in the anime series One Piece. His position as the all-powerful leader of World Government makes him one of the most mysterious and intriguing characters in the series.

Imu Sama is known as the owner of the highest power within the organization, which is evident by the fact that Gorosei are under his command, and they obey all his orders. Despite the fact that the 20 kingdoms that make up World Government initially decided not to have a supreme leader among them, Imu Sama managed to become one. This decision led to the vacant throne in Mariejoa, signifying that no one would be more powerful than the others. However, Imu and his followers consciously and intentionally went against this agreement.

Many theories suggest that Imu has the power to live forever, making him more powerful than anyone else. He and Gorosei are part of the people who formed World Government after the fall of the Ancient Kingdom. To become the leader of the world, Imu must defeat many people, including the five old men in Gorosei.

Imu is believed to have participated in the Great War during the Void Century, where he had to defeat a King from the Ancient Kingdom, assumed by many to be Joy Boy. After the defeat of the Ancient Kingdom, the World Government was formed, and Imu Sama officially became the highest ruler, occupying the vacant throne in Mariejoa. According to One Piece theories, Imu is a title given to the leader of the World Government, and it can be passed on to any person who is deemed worthy.

Throughout the 800 years of its formation, many people have become the Imu, but it is usually passed down to their descendants or those who are deemed fit to lead. Despite all the theories, only a few people know about the existence of Imu, including Gorosei and Queen Lily of Alabasta. Queen Lily eventually left Mariejoa and disappeared because she knew the secret that could make Imu the world leader. As a result, Lily was considered a traitor to the World Government and became the natural enemy of the Celestial Dragon descendants, which lasted until her descendants were identified as the D clan.

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To defeat the power of the World Government, Queen Lily spread the Poneglyphs throughout the sea so that someone could uncover the truth about the Void Century and prevent Imu from becoming the world leader once and for all.

In conclusion, Imu Sama is a mysterious and omnipotent character in the world of One Piece who serves as the leader of World Government. While much of his history remains shrouded in mystery, many theories suggest that he holds immense power thanks to his ability to live forever. Queen Lily played a crucial role in the fight to prevent Imu from becoming the world leader, and her actions led to the uncovering of the Poneglyphs. It will be interesting to see how this story develops in the anime series, but for now, the mysterious Imu Sama remains one of the most intriguing characters in the One Piece universe.

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