The Manipulative Role of Zetsu Hitam: Unraveling the Conflicts in Naruto
The Manipulative Role of Zetsu Hitam: Unraveling the Conflicts in Naruto

The Manipulative Role of Zetsu Hitam: Unraveling the Conflicts in Naruto

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Zetsu Hitam: The Master Manipulator of Naruto

In the vast world of the Naruto anime, there is one character whose manipulative tactics and determination to resurrect Kaguya Otsutsuki stand out above the rest. This character is none other than Zetsu Hitam, a member of the notorious Akatsuki organization. With his unique abilities and cunning nature, Zetsu Hitam plays a major role in the conflicts that unfold throughout the series.

Zetsu Hitam, also known as Black Zetsu, is the physical manifestation of Kaguya Otsutsuki’s unwavering determination to revive herself. His existence is closely tied to Kaguya, the mother of the two sons who would later become the founders of the Uchiha and Senju clans. With his primary goal being the resurrection of Kaguya, Zetsu Hitam stops at nothing to achieve his sinister plans.

One of Zetsu Hitam’s most notable abilities is his proficiency in Wood Style, a powerful nature transformation that allows him to manipulate plants and create various structures with ease. Additionally, he possesses the ability to control the body of Obito, a former ally who becomes entangled in his web of deception. This manipulation gives Zetsu Hitam an even greater advantage, as he can utilize Obito’s skills and powers to further his own agenda.

Not only is Zetsu Hitam a formidable opponent in terms of physical abilities, but he is also a highly skilled sensor. This means that he has the ability to sense the presence of others from long distances, making it difficult for anyone to escape his watchful eye. Furthermore, he possesses the unique ability to absorb someone’s chakra like a parasite, leaving his victims weakened and vulnerable. This ability alone makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Over the course of the Naruto anime, Zetsu Hitam’s manipulative nature becomes apparent in various instances. One notable example is his involvement in the life of Indra Otsutsuki, one of Kaguya’s sons. Zetsu Hitam subtly influences Indra, causing him to resent his brother and the teachings of Ninshu. This manipulation eventually leads to Indra awakening the Rinnegan, a powerful visual jutsu, and summoning the formidable Gedo Statue.

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Zetsu Hitam’s manipulations extend beyond just individuals. He also alters the writings on the stone tablet created by Hagoromo, a legendary figure in the Naruto universe. By changing the contents of the tablet, Zetsu Hitam further solidifies his control over the events that unfold throughout the series.

Perhaps one of Zetsu Hitam’s most notable deceptions is his role in deceiving Madara, a prominent figure in the Naruto storyline. By impersonating the embodiment of Madara’s will, Zetsu Hitam successfully manipulates him into carrying out his plans. Together with Obito, Zetsu Hitam orchestrates the activation of the Mugen Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu that aims to trap all living beings in a world of dreams.

Despite the many hurdles faced by our heroes, Zetsu Hitam finally succeeds in resurrecting Kaguya. This leads to a climactic battle against Team 7, consisting of Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura. However, their combined efforts eventually result in the sealing of both Kaguya and Zetsu Hitam, bringing an end to his reign of manipulation.

It is worth noting that Zetsu Hitam’s existence predates the sealing of Kaguya by her own sons. He is born just before this significant event takes place, further highlighting his connection to the Otsutsuki lineage and his relentless desire to bring Kaguya back to life.

In conclusion, Zetsu Hitam’s manipulation and unwavering determination to resurrect Kaguya make him a significant antagonist in the Naruto anime. His ability to manipulate others, use various powers, deceive those around him, and alter the course of events leads to significant conflicts throughout the series. As fans follow Naruto’s journey, they are captivated by the intricate web of manipulation woven by Zetsu Hitam, leaving them eager to witness his eventual downfall and the restoration of peace.

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