The Lost City Movie Synopsis: An Exciting Adventure for Romance and Comedy Fans
The Lost City Movie Synopsis: An Exciting Adventure for Romance and Comedy Fans

The Lost City Movie Synopsis: An Exciting Adventure for Romance and Comedy Fans

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The Lost City is an adventurous action-comedy film from The Nee Brothers, starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. The film, released on March 25, 2022, follows the story of a famous novelist who is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire to locate the Fire Crown based on the story in her book. The model who becomes the face of her novels, her team, and her fans embark on a mission to rescue her and join her adventure to an island in the Atlantic Ocean.


Loretta Sage is a famous romantic novelist, and her novels tell the adventures of a fictional character named Dash McMahon. Alan Caprison poses as the cover model for Loretta’s novels, making him known as “Dash.” After Loretta finishes her new book, Beth, representing the publisher, wants Loretta to tour with Alan to promote it. Although Loretta refuses, she is forced to wear an uncomfortable costume. On stage, Loretta appears awkward, especially when Alan also joins in, attracting all the attention.

An incident happens, and Alan’s wig falls off during the commotion, leading to an argument between Loretta and Alan. As Loretta waits outside the building, a mysterious group of people kidnaps her. She is taken by an eccentric billionaire named Abigail Fairfax, who wants to use Loretta’s skill in deciphering the code language from a parchment that Fairfax found on an island in the Atlantic Ocean – the location of the Fire Crown.

Meanwhile, Alan, Beth, and Allison attempt to locate Loretta. Alan contacts a former marine he knows from his meditation classes. Following Jack Trainer’s advice, Beth finds Loretta’s smartwatch to pinpoint her location. Alan delivers Loretta’s phone to Jack, who rescues Loretta deep in the jungle.

Alan joins Jack, disobeying orders to stay in the car, and they enter the excavation area of the lost city. Although they rescue Loretta, Jack is shot in the head while untying her. Alan manages to put Loretta in a moving car while the police chase after them. Without a phone and resources, they descend into a ravine to retrieve Alan’s bag from the fallen car.

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As they walk through the forest, Fairfax and her men catch up with them. They cross a river, where Loretta must remove several leeches from Alan’s back. They eventually find a waterfall with a symbol like the parchment Loretta held. They climb a cliff as night approaches, where Loretta lights a fire with oil from Alan’s medicine. They sleep until the next morning.

Alan gets angry after learning that Loretta stole Fairfax’s parchment and did not tell him. In response, Loretta argues and hurts Alan’s feelings. They continue to walk through the foggy forest, and they manage to knock out two of Fairfax’s men on motorcycles. They finally arrive at a village where Loretta deciphers a clue from a song lyric.

Loretta discovers that the queen’s tomb is in a sinkhole, and Alan remembers a large hole like that on the map. Fairfax kidnaps Loretta again, and Alan chases after Fairfax’s tank with a damaged motorcycle. Trying to board the vehicle, Alan cannot do much and finds himself also being held captive.

They finally reach the sinkhole on a speedboat and enter a dark cave. During the perilous journey, one of Fairfax’s men dies.


The Lost City is a thrilling movie with a perfect blend of adventure, romance, and comedy. With its excellent cast and production, the film offers a unique and exciting storyline for movie lovers worldwide. With the stunning visuals and funny scenes, The Lost City provides an enjoyable experience for those who want to escape their daily routine for a bit.

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