The List of Devil Fruits Used by Seraphim in One Piece
The List of Devil Fruits Used by Seraphim in One Piece

The List of Devil Fruits Used by Seraphim in One Piece

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The List of Devil Fruits Used by Seraphim in One Piece

Vegapunk is a genius in creating powerful beings like Seraphim in the One Piece universe. These beings possess similar abilities as the Shichibukai, but with added powers from Lineage Factor and Devil Fruits. Here is a list of 4 devil fruits used by Seraphim in One Piece, according to Patriotour

1. Sui Sui no Mi – S-Shark
Senor Pink, a member of Doflamingo’s pirate crew, ate the Sui Sui no Mi devil fruit. Since he was imprisoned in Impel Down, Vegapunk had easy access to his blood sample. He used the Lineage Factor technology to transfer the Sui Sui no Mi power to S-Shark.

2. Supa Supa no Mi – S-Hawk
S-Hawk, a replica of the strongest swordsman in One Piece, Dracule Mihawk, also has a devil fruit power. Vegapunk gave him the Supa Supa no Mi devil fruit, giving him the ability to transform his body into a sharp blade.

3. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi – S-Bear
S-Bear, a replica of Bartholomew Kuma, possesses the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi Paramecia type devil fruit. Vegapunk used Lineage Factor to create a replica similar to Kuma’s appearance and abilities.

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4. Mero Mero no Mi – S-Snake
Boa Hancock’s devil fruit power, Mero Mero no Mi, is one of the strongest in One Piece. S-Snake is a replica of Boa Hancock when she was younger, and Vegapunk designed her with the same devil fruit power. The Mero Mero Mellow technique allows the user to turn someone into stone.

In conclusion, these Seraphim beings in One Piece are unique and powerful due to the added powers of Lineage Factor and devil fruits. Vegapunk created them to be strong enough to rival the Shichibukai, and their abilities are truly impressive. The list of devil fruits used by Seraphim in One Piece includes S-Shark, S-Hawk, S-Bear, and S-Snake, each with their unique abilities and backstories.

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