The Intricate Plan: How Madara Used Nagato to Resurrect Himself
The Intricate Plan: How Madara Used Nagato to Resurrect Himself

The Intricate Plan: How Madara Used Nagato to Resurrect Himself

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Nagato, a dangerous ninja, was a member of Akatsuki and possessed the Rinnegan. Little did he know that Madara had given him the Rinnegan with the ulterior motive of resurrecting himself in the future. This article delves into the complex and convoluted plan hatched by Madara to achieve his goal of coming back to life.

Madara carefully manipulated Obito, a former comrade, to guide Nagato on the path of resurrecting him. Obito, who had his own hidden agenda, followed Madara’s instructions, unaware of the true intentions behind the plan. Meanwhile, Nagato, with his newfound power, used the Rinne Tensei no Jutsu to revive the citizens of Konoha, going against Madara’s desire.

Nagato’s unexpected betrayal indirectly changed Madara’s plans. Realizing that Nagato was no longer loyal, Madara’s attention shifted to finding an alternative method for his resurrection. However, the cunning and mysterious Zetsu Hitam stepped in, using the Rinne Tensei no Jutsu to bring Madara back to life.

The process of Madara giving the Rinnegan to Nagato was just a small piece of the intricate puzzle. It was part of a long-term plan carefully crafted by Madara, where multiple players and events were manipulated to bring about his resurrection. The land of Ame and Konoha served as the backdrop for this grand scheme.
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Published on November 28, 2022, and republished on November 7, 2023, this article sheds light on the untold story of Nagato, Madara, Obito, and Zetsu Hitam. It reveals the hidden motivations, twists, and turns that unfolded in their journey towards Madara’s resurrection.

In conclusion, Madara’s plan to resurrect himself was a complex web of deception and manipulation. Nagato unknowingly played a crucial role, guided by Obito and eventually betrayed by his own actions. The story stands as a testament to the lengths individuals are willing to go for power and survival in the ninja world.

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