The Intense Battle: Stain vs All Might vs All For One (AFO) - My Hero Academia 401
The Intense Battle: Stain vs All Might vs All For One (AFO) - My Hero Academia 401

The Intense Battle: Stain vs All Might vs All For One (AFO) – My Hero Academia 401

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Chapter 401 of My Hero Academia depicts a fierce battle between Stain, All Might, and All For One (AFO). In this chapter, the heroes find themselves at a disadvantage as their opponent, AFO, proves to be a formidable adversary.

The battle unfolds with All Might launching various powerful attacks to weaken AFO. However, AFO surprises everyone by transforming into a glowing child, showcasing his ability to adapt and survive against the heroes’ onslaught.

Amidst the chaos, Hagakure, a protagonist with the ability to turn herself invisible, realizes that her uncontrolled emotions cause malfunctions in her Quirk. This realization adds another layer of complexity to the heroes’ struggle as they must not only face a powerful villain but also deal with their own limitations and weaknesses.

As the battle rages on, Stain, a vigilante seeking justice against villains, witnesses a conversation between All Might, Iida, and Shoto regarding his past injuries. Intrigued, Stain starts to piece together the puzzle of what has transpired, carefully observing the blood and wreckage around him. He quickly deduces that it is not All Might’s blood, raising questions about the true nature of the situation.

Stain, fueled by a desire to make All Might understand the meaning of his existence, joins forces with the weakened hero. Together, they unleash a joint attack, hoping to turn the tide of the battle. However, their efforts are soon thwarted as AFO retaliates with a combination of Forced Activation and Phlebotomy, rendering Stain’s Quirk ineffective.

To further demoralize Stain, AFO reveals that his plan against villains had already been discovered by Tartarus, a high-security prison for supervillains. This revelation shakes Stain’s confidence, making him question the effectiveness of his actions and the impact he has had on the world.

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AFO, relentless in his pursuit of dominance, alters his blood composition using Antigen Modification. In a shocking twist, a mouth emerges from AFO’s back and bites Stain, causing him to bleed. AFO mercilessly mocks Stain, considering him useless now that their shared goals have been achieved.

Meanwhile, All Might, weakened and battered, receives visions of Nana Shimura and Sir Nighteye, two influential figures from his past. These visions serve as a reminder of his duty to protect and inspire others, reigniting his fighting spirit. All Might realizes that his body’s deep desire to keep him alive is a testament to the impact he can still make in the world.

As the battle reaches its climax, AFO prepares to launch an attack on Shigaraki and Yuei using his formidable Quirk, Warp Teleportation. The heroes are faced with the daunting task of stopping AFO and preventing further devastation.

In conclusion, Chapter 401 of My Hero Academia showcases a thrilling and intense battle between Stain, All Might, and AFO. It highlights the struggles and vulnerabilities of the heroes, as well as the relentless determination of their antagonist. The discovery of Stain’s plan against villains, along with AFO gaining the upper hand, sets the stage for an epic showdown in the world of heroes and villains.

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