The Intense Battle Preparation in My Hero Academia Chapter 405
The Intense Battle Preparation in My Hero Academia Chapter 405

The Intense Battle Preparation in My Hero Academia Chapter 405

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In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, titled Chapter 405, the focus shifts to Bakugou’s preparation for the ultimate battle against All For One. The chapter also explores the fate of All Might and Edge Shot, and their involvement in the upcoming battle.

The chapter opens with a discussion between All Might and Nighteye, where they talk about the vision of All Might’s death. Despite the grim prediction, All Might remains determined to change his fate and fulfill his promise to Deku.

As Bakugou and All Might make their way towards the battlefield, they land on a building where they encounter two children who are impressed with Bakugou’s Quirk. This scene serves as a reminder of the admiration and inspiration that heroes bring to the younger generation.

Bakugou’s journey towards the battle triggers memories of his past, particularly his time being kidnapped by the League of Villains. He also faces recognition from civilians who remember him from the Sports Festival.

Amidst the intense battle preparations, Bakugou and All Might take a moment to check on each other’s well-being. Bakugou coughs up blood, a clear indication of the toll the fight has taken on his body. Edgeshot comes to his aid, using his Quirk to fix Bakugou’s broken bones and injured organs. While the injuries are healed, Bakugou will still experience intense pain.

This moment of gratitude towards his mentor allows Bakugou to realize the true source of his revived strength. It wasn’t Edgeshot’s actions, but rather his own strengthened Quirk that brought him back to life.

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The chapter takes a thrilling turn when Bakugou assumes that a bright child he sees is All For One, and he initiates an attack. All Might confirms Bakugou’s assumption and provides him with a Support Item as a distraction for the battle.

All For One’s plan to transfer his Quirk to Tomura is interrupted and infuriates him. Bakugou reveals that he is there to help Deku and ensure that he doesn’t face this situation alone.

The chapter concludes with the announcement that there will be no break next week, heightening the anticipation for the upcoming battle.

Readers can find Chapter 405 of My Hero Academia in Indonesian language on MangaPlus once it is released.

In summary, Chapter 405 of My Hero Academia intensifies the battle preparations and showcases Bakugou’s crucial role in facing the ultimate antagonist, All For One. The chapter emphasizes the themes of loyalty, mentorship, and the strength to confront challenges head-on. Fans of the series will be eagerly awaiting the outcome of this thrilling battle.

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