The Identity of Im Sama Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1084
The Identity of Im Sama Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1084

The Identity of Im Sama Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1084

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The latest chapter of One Piece, chapter 1084, has revealed the true identity of Im Sama. This significant moment in the manga was officially released through Reddit, leaving fans excited about what’s to come. One Piece enthusiasts have waited anxiously for this reveal, and now that it’s out, they are analyzing every detail, trying to connect the dots.

In chapter 1084, we learn that Im Sama was once Ratu Alabasta. This information has left fans in awe and created a buzz around social media platforms. But the question remains, how does this impact the story, and how will it affect future developments?

The chapter is titled “Percobaan Pembunuhan Tenryuubito,” and features several female characters playfully enjoying themselves on a sandy beach. On the opening scene, Raja Cobra is seen entering the Gorosei’s room to discuss Nefertari Lily, the former Ratu Alabasta. Lily refused to become a Tenryuubito and chose to live with her people instead of in Mariejoa. However, not long after her rejection, she mysteriously disappeared from the kingdom.

King Cobra inquires if the Gorosei knows anything about her whereabouts, but they deny having any knowledge of her. Carlos, a Tenryuubito, still has his eyes on Shirahoshi and makes a move for her once again, but Don Sai and Leo come to her rescue, managing to take down Carlos.
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We then find out that Morley was successful in rescuing Kuma and that his devil fruit power plays a critical role in the mission. Finally, the last scene reveals Im Sama in front of Raja Cobra, discussing Ratu Lily. The ending is somewhat controversial, with some fans believing Im Sama is talking about Lily while others believe Im Sama is actually the missing queen herself.

Overall, chapter 1084 of One Piece has revealed some exciting developments about Im Sama’s identity and provided more insight into the overall storyline. Fans are eagerly anticipating future releases and more information about the plot’s intricacies. In the meantime, this chapter’s revelations will undoubtedly have fans talking and theorizing about what’s to come.

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