The History of Joy Boy and Im Sama In One Piece Universe Revealed
The History of Joy Boy and Im Sama In One Piece Universe Revealed

The History of Joy Boy and Im Sama In One Piece Universe Revealed

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Are you a fan of One Piece and curious about the history of Joy Boy and Im Sama? If yes, then you are in the right place. Recently, the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, revealed the history of these two mysterious characters, and it’s time to dive deeper.

Joy Boy and Im Sama were once enemies who fought during the Ancient Kingdom era, which was about 800 years ago. According to Oda, Im Sama formed an alliance with 20 kings to overthrow Joy Boy, who was the ruler of the Ancient Kingdom. The roots of their conflict have begun to be revealed after Oda hinted that Joy Boy was the previous user of Nika, the power Luffy currently possesses.

Interestingly, Oda also revealed that Joy Boy’s bounty was equivalent to the combined bounty of 4 Yonko in the One Piece universe. This indicates how powerful Joy Boy was and why Im Sama had to team up with 20 kings to defeat him.

Joy Boy was born with the power of Sun God Nika, which derives its strength from the sun god. When he was born, his radiance was so bright that it illuminated the entire universe of One Piece. On the other hand, Im Sama was born with the power of the moon, making them the opposite of Joy Boy. Im Sama is linked to darkness while Joy Boy is associated with light.
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According to the story, Joy Boy and Im Sama were brothers and were both born to Saint Thorix Vortus, who ruled over the Ancient Kingdom before Joy Boy took over. The battle between the two brothers was essentially a civil war. Im Sama and the 20 kings formed an alliance, while Joy Boy was supported by seven loyal kings, one of whom was Bonaris, the king of the giant race.

The conflict between these two characters was revealed during the death of Princess Nefertari Cobra, who tried to uncover her ancestor’s whereabouts, Nefertari Lily. Oda confirmed that the “D” clan, the progeny of the seven kings who supported Joy Boy, was formed after the next generation.

On the other hand, the 20 kings formed a force that we know as the World Government. The earliest generation of these 20 kings formed an organization that would later become the Tenryuubito, also known as Celestial Dragons in English.

Some theories also suggest that Luffy’s ancestor was an enemy of the Celestial Dragons. In summary, the revelations by Oda have opened up new avenues for One Piece that fans look forward to exploring. Now, we can’t wait for what’s next.

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