The Grotesque Hunting Game in God Valley: St. Figarland Garling's Backstory
The Grotesque Hunting Game in God Valley: St. Figarland Garling's Backstory

The Grotesque Hunting Game in God Valley: St. Figarland Garling’s Backstory

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In the world of One Piece, there are often hidden backstories and secrets that shape the course of the story. One such intriguing tale is that of St. Figarland Garling, a character who appeared in a flashback 38 years ago during a tournament called the ‘Senjuumin Issou Taikai’ in God Valley.

This tournament, organized by the Sky Dragons every three years, was no ordinary competition. It involved hunting down the island’s inhabitants and releasing them as ‘rabbits’ for the participants to score points. The atmosphere was gruesome, treating the island as a grotesque hunting ground.

What made this tournament even more enticing was the prize at stake. A treasure chest, similar to the one where the Gomu Gomu no Mi was found, awaited the winner. Speculation arises whether this prize could be a Devil Fruit that the Sky Dragons can use with their slaves, much like the Hancock Sisters were given fruits for that purpose.

The God Valley tournament took place in the famous location of an incident that occurred 38 years ago. While it is assumed that the Sky Dragons were present on the island during the tournament, it is also possible that they had a separate settlement in God Valley.

In the flashback, we see St. Figarland Garling as a younger man with a short beard, but not yet the Supreme Commander of the Divine Knights. He was a member of the Knights, not their commander. It is worth mentioning that he was given the prestigious title of ‘Champion of the God Valley,’ making him the winner of the grotesque hunting game.

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Interestingly, the mention of Shanks, the beloved pirate known as the Red-Haired Shanks, causes Whitebeard’s old wound to hurt. This implies a connection between Shanks and the incident that took place in God Valley. There are two possibilities: either Shanks is Roger’s adoptive son, or there is someone who looks remarkably like Shanks and inflicted the wound.

If the latter is true, it suggests that during the incident, not only Roger and Garp but also Garling had a fierce confrontation with the Rocks Pirates. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to the already mysterious history of God Valley and its involvement with the renowned pirate era.

The story of St. Figarland Garling and the grotesque hunting game in God Valley 38 years ago is a captivating piece of One Piece lore. It sheds light on hidden connections between characters and events, immersing readers in the rich storytelling of Eiichiro Oda. As the tale unfolds, the mysteries surrounding God Valley become more intriguing, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future revelations.

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