The Four Tsuchikage in Naruto and Boruto
The Four Tsuchikage in Naruto and Boruto

The Four Tsuchikage in Naruto and Boruto

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In the popular anime series Naruto, the Tsuchikage is the title given to the leader of the village of Iwagakure. Throughout the Naruto and Boruto storylines, there have been four individuals who have held the position of Tsuchikage. These individuals are Ishikawa, Muu, Onoki, and Kurotsuchi.

Ishikawa, also known as the Shodai Tsuchikage, was the first Tsuchikage. He played a crucial role in the founding of the village of Iwagakure. Muu, also known as the Nidaime Tsuchikage, served as the second Tsuchikage. He was both a mentor to Oonoki and a rival to Gengetsu Mizukage, the Second Mizukage. Unfortunately, both Muu and Gengetsu died in the same battle.

Onoki, the Sandaime Tsuchikage, was the third Tsuchikage and held the position for a significant amount of time. He was not only the grandson of the First Tsuchikage, Ishikawa, but also the student of the Second Tsuchikage, Muu. Onoki’s long tenure as Tsuchikage makes him one of the most influential leaders in the history of the Naruto series.

Kurotsuchi, the Yondaime Tsuchikage, is the current Tsuchikage in the Boruto series. She is the granddaughter of Onoki and formerly served as his bodyguard. Kurotsuchi is also a member of the new generation of ninja.

Ishikawa, the first Tsuchikage, was known for his wisdom and his playful nature towards his grandson, Onoki. Muu, as the second Tsuchikage, succeeded Ishikawa and became Oonoki’s mentor. The role of the Tsuchikage is to be the highest authority in the village of Iwagakure, responsible for leading and protecting its citizens.

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Overall, the Tsuchikage is an important position in the Naruto and Boruto series. The four Tsuchikage, Ishikawa, Muu, Onoki, and Kurotsuchi, have each played significant roles in the history and development of the village of Iwagakure. Onoki, in particular, is known for his long and influential tenure as Tsuchikage. From his appearances in both the Naruto and Boruto storylines, it is evident that he continued to serve as Tsuchikage even in his old age.

In conclusion, the Tsuchikage in the Naruto and Boruto series are the leaders of the village of Iwagakure. There have been four Tsuchikage – Ishikawa, Muu, Onoki, and Kurotsuchi. Onoki, the third Tsuchikage, holds the title for the longest time. These leaders are responsible for the welfare and protection of the village and its people. Their roles and contributions have made them crucial figures in the series.

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