The Final Battle: Garp's Hidden Weakness Revealed in One Piece 1087
The Final Battle: Garp's Hidden Weakness Revealed in One Piece 1087

The Final Battle: Garp’s Hidden Weakness Revealed in One Piece 1087

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In the world of One Piece, Monkey D Garp is known as a legendary Marine hero and the grandfather of Monkey D Luffy, the protagonist of the series. However, in the latest chapter, One Piece 1087, Garp’s invincibility is put to the test as a hidden weakness is unveiled.

The chapter begins with a fierce battle between Garp and the infamous pirate Kurohige. It seems like a clash of titans, but soon the truth comes to light – Garp’s weakened state is not due to Kurohige’s attack, but because of a hidden heart condition.

To the surprise of many, Garp shares the same heart condition as his old friend and fellow pirate Gol D Roger. This revelation adds another layer of depth to Garp’s character and his connection to the Pirate King.

Kurohige, being the cunning pirate he is, quickly takes advantage of Garp’s weakness. Using his knowledge of Garp’s heart condition, he launches a strategic attack and emerges victorious in their battle. It is a shocking turn of events, as Garp is known for his incredible strength and unwavering resolve.

Just when it seems like all hope is lost for Garp, a familiar face comes to his rescue – Aokiji, the former Marine Admiral. Aokiji, known for his ice-based abilities, intervenes and saves Garp from certain defeat. However, it remains to be seen whether Aokiji’s intentions are purely altruistic or if he has ulterior motives.

As the story progresses, the focus shifts to the complex relationship between Garp and his son, Monkey D Dragon. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, has always been at odds with the Marine forces led by his father. Garp’s weakened state raises questions about the future of their contentious relationship and whether there is room for reconciliation.

After the battle, Garp decides to retire from his position as Vice Admiral. It is a significant moment in his life, marking the end of an era and a new chapter in his story. However, despite retiring, Garp continues to serve in the Marines and contribute to their development in his own unique way.

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Throughout the chapter, there are frequent references to the past – Garp’s involvement with Gol D Roger, Whitebeard, and Shiki during their time as influential pirates. These flashbacks provide context and a deeper understanding of Garp’s character and his role in shaping the world of One Piece.

The battle between Garp and Kurohige may very well be his last. Garp uses all his power to save a fellow Marine, Koby, in a selfless act of heroism. It remains to be seen whether Garp’s weakened state will lead to his ultimate defeat at the hands of Aokiji or if there are more surprises in store for both characters.

As the chapter comes to a close, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, teases the appearance of Monkey D Dragon in his dragon form. This revelation raises numerous questions about Dragon’s abilities and his potential role in the future of the series.

In conclusion, One Piece 1087 delivers an action-packed chapter filled with plot twists and revelations. Garp’s hidden heart condition becomes his fatal weakness, and Kurohige takes full advantage of it. The arrival of Aokiji adds suspense and uncertainty, leaving readers wondering who will ultimately defeat Garp. The chapter sheds light on the complex relationships between Garp, Kurohige, Aokiji, and Monkey D Dragon, setting the stage for future developments in the One Piece universe.

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