The Fate of Kaido and Big Mom Revealed in One Piece 1085
The Fate of Kaido and Big Mom Revealed in One Piece 1085

The Fate of Kaido and Big Mom Revealed in One Piece 1085

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As one of the most popular anime series in the world, One Piece has a lot of characters, and Kaido and Big Mom are two Yonkou who are well-known and feared by the pirates. However, after being defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, their fate has been a mystery. But according to leaks from the YouTube channel Anime OP, their fate will be revealed in One Piece 1085.

Kaido and Big Mom are known for their immense power, which is feared by many. They were once members of the same group of pirates led by Rocks D Xebec. After Xebec’s defeat, they both formed their own pirate groups, which were equally powerful.

However, in the world of pirates in One Piece, betrayal often happens. According to the theory in the leaks, Big Mom will betray Kaido and take advantage of his weakness to kill him. This is because they both have the same goal, which is to find One Piece and reach Laugh Tale. Big Mom believes that Kaido’s death will make it easier for her to achieve her goal.

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Although it is just a theory, there is a high chance that Kaido will be killed. It is still unknown whether it will be by the hands of Big Mom or other pirates. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has a big plan for these two former Yonkou.

It remains to be seen how this betrayal will affect the story of One Piece, which has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The fate of Kaido and Big Mom will be revealed in One Piece 1085, so fans should prepare themselves for this exciting revelation.

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