The End of an Era: All Might's Paralysis in My Hero Academia Chapter 403
The End of an Era: All Might's Paralysis in My Hero Academia Chapter 403

The End of an Era: All Might’s Paralysis in My Hero Academia Chapter 403

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In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, titled ‘The End of An Era and The Beginning,’ we witness a heartbreaking turn of events. All Might, the symbol of peace, is shown dying and unable to move. The culprit behind his paralysis is none other than the villainous All For One, who utilizes the Quirk Stain to immobilize the once mighty hero.

Stain’s Quirk, also known as Bloodcurdle, is a gruesome power that allows him to paralyze his targets after tasting their blood. The duration of this paralysis depends on the victim’s blood type, with type O having the shortest duration and type B having the longest. The maximum time someone can be paralyzed is eight minutes.

As All For One takes Stain’s Quirk along with his life, we are left to witness the end of an era. Chapter 403 begins with a flashback of All Might as a child, reminiscing about his normal upbringing and feeling that his past is not worthy of being a hero’s origin. However, All For One cruelly laughs and destroys All Might’s wristband, using Stain’s Quirk to render him completely immobilized.

All For One’s actions highlight his understanding that even severely injured heroes can still pose a threat. He remains vigilant and continues his relentless attacks. The situation becomes even more dire as Gentle, who wants to help All Might, is forced to stay and protect UA High when All For One shoots a laser, leaving no choice but to prioritize the safety of the students.
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Desperate to stop All Might, a group of pilots attempt to intervene using fighter jets. Unfortunately, their efforts prove futile as he effortlessly destroys them, further demonstrating his overwhelming power. Amidst the chaos, All Might’s supporters continue to cheer him on, unwavering in their belief in him, while others begin to lose hope.

Watching the events unfold from the hospital, Melissa and Gran Torino can only cry at the sight of All Might’s impending demise. Meanwhile, Bakugou, injured but determined, holds on to All Might’s card and causes an explosion, showing that he is ready to carry on their legacy.

In conclusion, My Hero Academia Chapter 403 marks the end of an era for All Might and the beginning of a new chapter in this thrilling series. All Might’s paralysis and imminent death, caused by All For One’s ruthless actions, have left fans devastated. As we eagerly await the next installment, the implications of these events loom large, leaving us wondering how the heroes will cope with this devastating blow and what lies ahead for the world of heroes.

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