The Encounter of Topi Jerami, Luffy, and Gorosei in One Piece 1090
The Encounter of Topi Jerami, Luffy, and Gorosei in One Piece 1090

The Encounter of Topi Jerami, Luffy, and Gorosei in One Piece 1090

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In the latest chapter of One Piece, chapter 1090, fans are treated to an exciting encounter between Captain Straw Hat, Monkey D. Luffy, and Gorosei Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. The spoiler and raw manga reveal some interesting interactions and plot developments, making it a must-read for any One Piece enthusiast.

One of the key points in the chapter is Jupiter’s recognition of Nico Robin’s voice. This information is leaked through one of the manga panels, creating anticipation among readers. It seems like Nico Robin’s presence will play a significant role in the events to come.

Another significant revelation in One Piece 1090 is Luffy’s alliance with Dr. Vegapunk. Luffy boldly challenges the Marines to withdraw all their ships from Egghead Island if they want to save York. This sets the stage for an intense clash between the Straw Hat crew and the might of the Marine forces.

The Marines, viewing the Straw Hat crew as an extraordinary evil, label them as pure devils. This only adds to the tension and stakes of the impending battle.

The chapter takes an unexpected turn when Vivi encounters both Luffy and Gorosei in Mariejois. This surprising reunion raises many questions about the nature of their meeting and the possible implications for the overall story.

Robin, ever cautious, warns Luffy not to divulge any information to the Marines. She understands the risks involved and urges her captain to keep their situation secret.

Jupiter, recognizing Robin’s voice, also requests that they keep their circumstances hidden. This further emphasizes the importance of secrecy and adds an air of mystery to the unfolding events.

Saturn, one of the Gorosei, reveals three things that must be protected at all costs: York, the Punk Records stored in his brain, and the factory responsible for creating the Mother Flame. These three elements become crucial factors in the upcoming conflict.

Chapter 1090 of One Piece consists of 18 pages and is aptly titled ‘Admiral Kizaru.’ This hints at the involvement of the Marine admiral and raises anticipation for his role in the upcoming battle.

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Luffy manages to seize the Denden Mushi from York, a significant achievement. He takes this opportunity to express his ambition of becoming the Pirate King to Saturn, further fueling the determination and resolve of the Straw Hat crew.

Several other characters, including Vivi, Wapol, and Morgans, overhear the conversation between Gorosei and York. This adds a layer of intrigue and raises questions about their allegiances and motivations.

There is a moment of tension when Robin expresses her anger at Luffy for freely sharing information with Gorosei. Her frustration stems from the potential risks they now face due to Luffy’s impulsive actions.

Luffy, undeterred, orders Gorosei to leave with all their warships if they want to ensure the safety of York. This ultimatum sets the stage for an epic confrontation that will surely have far-reaching consequences.

In a surprising twist, it is revealed that Lucci has lied to Usopp, and there are members of the Seraphim who did not survive York’s attack. This revelation adds to the complexity of the situation and highlights the high stakes involved.

As the chapter progresses, Admiral Kizaru utilizes Yata no Kagami to reach Egghead Island, signaling the start of the Marine assault. The stage is set for an intense battle between the Straw Hat crew and the might of the Marine forces.

In conclusion, One Piece 1090 offers an exhilarating and action-packed chapter that sets the stage for a monumental clash between the Straw Hat crew and the Marines. The encounter between Topi Jerami, Luffy, and Gorosei Saturn holds immense significance and introduces several plot developments that will shape the future of the story. Fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter to witness the thrilling outcome of this high-stakes confrontation.

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