The Destructive Power of Garp in One Piece 1080 Revealed
The Destructive Power of Garp in One Piece 1080 Revealed

The Destructive Power of Garp in One Piece 1080 Revealed

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Have you seen the latest One Piece 1080? Garp’s power is more destructive than ever, capable of causing catastrophic damage to a whole city with just one of his moves. But did you know that there were already hints of his terrifying power? Here are five clues from previous One Piece chapters that show just how strong Garp is.

1. Garp and Sengoku’s Fight with Shiki at Marineford

In One Piece Chapter 0: Strong World!, Garp and Sengoku fought against Shiki. Although their fight wasn’t shown, we see the aftermath of Marineford partially destroyed due to their conflict. After witnessing Garp’s destructive power in One Piece 1080 and Sengoku’s devastating shock waves at Marineford, it makes sense that their attacks together could cause such destruction. The destruction of Marineford may not have been solely caused by Shiki, but the duo’s powerful attacks as well.

2. Tsuru’s Observation on Garp

In One Piece Chapter 0: Strong World!, Tsuru said that she doesn’t like having Garp aboard a ship as he always destroys it. After seeing Garp’s power in Chapter 1080, Tsuru’s observation makes perfect sense.

3. Roger’s Respect for Garp

Garp is known as the Marine who cornered Roger. In chapter 965, Roger said to a Marine officer to bring either Garp or Sengoku next time. Roger’s respect for their strength is a testament to Garp’s power.

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4. Garp’s Victory Over Chinjao

In chapter 719, Garp warned Chinjao by saying that he had already destroyed eight mountains just to be able to punch Chinjao. Many readers thought that Garp was exaggerating his claim, but in chapter 1080, we see how his punches can easily destroy mountains and cities. Garp’s power is no longer just a boast.

5. Garp’s Attack on Marco at Marineford

In chapter 567, Garp struck Marco when he tried to fly and rescue Ace. After his attack, Marco didn’t attempt to fly again towards the execution platform. This shows how fearful Marco was of Garp’s power. Even Sengoku was taken aback by Garp’s actions.

In conclusion, Garp’s power is no joke. These five clues show how strong he is and why his opponents fear him. What other hints do you think were given about Garp’s power in One Piece? Let us know in the comments!

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