The Dark Story Behind the God Valley Incident in One Piece
The Dark Story Behind the God Valley Incident in One Piece

The Dark Story Behind the God Valley Incident in One Piece

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The world of One Piece is filled with legends, one of which is the infamous Bajak Laut Rocks and their leader Rocks D Xebec. However, their story came to a tragic end during the God Valley Incident, a mission led by the hero of the navy, Monkey D Garp. This article delves into the dark story behind the incident and the key players involved.

The God Valley Incident, also known as the tragedy in the Valley of the Gods, was a mission commissioned by the Gorosei of the World Government to eliminate the invincible Bajak Laut Rocks. The mission was led by Monkey D Garp, who later became known as the Hero of the Navy. The battle took place on an island that is no longer visible on maps and involved some of the most powerful pirates in the world, including a young Shirohige, Kaido, Big Mom, and Rocks D Xebec.

The official story released by the World Government was that Garp succeeded in defeating the pirate crew, earning him the title of Hero of the Navy. However, the truth was much more complicated. The incident was linked to the Celestial Dragons, whom Garp did not care for, but was required to protect as Vice Admiral. Garp, realizing that he could not defeat Bajak Laut Rocks alone, formed an alliance with the future Pirate King, Gol D Roger, to take them down.

During the mission, it was said that one member of the Gorosei had to be sacrificed at the hands of Xebec. The God Valley Incident had significant implications, not just for the World Government and the navy but also for the families of the key players involved.
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Additional mysteries unfolded in the aftermath of the incident when Garp reportedly mentioned that the pirate captain Xebec might be the father of Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army. This revelation sparked rumors and speculation within the One Piece community.

Bajak Laut Rocks was a legendary pirate crew that formed many years ago in Hachinosu. The crew consisted of some of the most feared and powerful pirates in the world and was led by Rocks D Xebec, who was ambitious and wanted to become King of the World. Shirohige was also part of the crew until they disbanded, and he formed his own Pirate crew.

In conclusion, the God Valley Incident is a dark chapter in One Piece’s history, shrouded in mystery and speculation. Garp’s involvement with the pirates and the alliance formed with Gol D Roger remains a significant event in the story that had ripple effects on the world of One Piece for years, even after all the parties involved had moved on.

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