The Controversial Ending of Attack on Titan: A Deep Dive into Hajime Isayama's Vision
The Controversial Ending of Attack on Titan: A Deep Dive into Hajime Isayama's Vision

The Controversial Ending of Attack on Titan: A Deep Dive into Hajime Isayama’s Vision

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Attack on Titan is a wildly popular manga series known for its iconic Titans, towering walls, and plot twists that keep readers on the edge of their seats. However, the manga’s controversial ending has left many fans disappointed and questioning the choices made by author Hajime Isayama.

Isayama has confirmed that he had decided on the ending of Attack on Titan from the very beginning. In fact, he initially planned to conclude the story in just two volumes. However, the immense popularity of the series made him consider a sad ending.

Despite his original intentions, Isayama had conflicting feelings about sticking to the harsh ending due to the overwhelming popularity of the series. He was aware of the controversy surrounding the ending and even encountered discussions about it during the Anime NYC convention.

Fans have taken to illustrating their own versions of the ending as a way to express their discontent. Many readers have expressed their heartbreak over the final chapters of Attack on Titan, revealing their disagreement with Isayama’s vision.

In a 2013 interview, the author discussed the predetermined ending of the series. Isayama revealed that he considered the general storyline in advance but added details monthly to shape the climax of the manga. The ending was envisioned to be cruel and brutal, leaving a lasting impact on readers.

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The controversial ending of Attack on Titan exists in both the manga and anime adaptations. This has only intensified the disagreement among fans, as the final chapter of Attack on Titan has become the most talked-about chapter of all time.

In conclusion, Hajime Isayama’s decision to stick to his original vision for the ending of Attack on Titan, despite the disappointment from some readers, highlights his commitment to maintaining the integrity of his storytelling. The controversy surrounding the ending only serves to further ignite discussions among fans, revealing the impact and significance of this popular manga series.

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