The Controversial and Risky Use of Jutsu Edo Tensei in the Boruto Era
The Controversial and Risky Use of Jutsu Edo Tensei in the Boruto Era

The Controversial and Risky Use of Jutsu Edo Tensei in the Boruto Era

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In the world of Naruto, the Jutsu Edo Tensei is a powerful and revered technique. Mastered by Orochimaru and his student, this jutsu allows the summoning of deceased individuals back to the world of the living. However, in the Boruto era, where new challenges and advancements have emerged, the use of Jutsu Edo Tensei continues to exist.

If Boruto, the son of Naruto, were to use the Jutsu Edo Tensei, it would undoubtedly be a controversial and criticized action. This technique is not only frowned upon but also goes against ninja laws and ethics. The implications of Boruto mastering this technique are significant and could result in serious legal consequences.

One of the primary concerns surrounding the use of Jutsu Edo Tensei is the loss of control over the summoned individuals. The revived shinobi may retain their memories and personalities, but they could also become a threat to Boruto and those around him. Summoning high-level shinobi brings with it difficulties and a potential risk to Boruto’s safety.

Additionally, the emotional conflicts that arise from reviving someone through this technique are immense. The revived individuals will carry complicated feelings and memories related to their deaths. Their presence can be a constant reminder of loss and can lead to internal conflicts for both Boruto and the resurrected shinobi.

If Boruto manages to control the revived person, he would find himself engaged in battles against powerful shinobi from the past. These fights would undoubtedly be epic, but they would also come with serious risks and consequences. Boruto would need to prove his worth against opponents who are masters in their own right, posing a significant challenge for him.

The use of Jutsu Edo Tensei by Boruto would not go unnoticed by the ninja community. It would trigger criticism and condemnation from those who adhere to ninja laws and consider it an unethical act. This technique violates the principles of the shinobi world and would place Boruto at odds with his fellow shinobi.

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In addition to the backlash from the community, Boruto would face serious legal consequences for using this technique. Arrest and trial would be inevitable for him, as the usage of Jutsu Edo Tensei goes against established laws. The ramifications of this action would have a lasting impact on Boruto’s future and his relationships with others.

It is crucial to consider the risks and challenges before resorting to such a controversial technique. The consequences of using the Jutsu Edo Tensei are far-reaching and can affect not only Boruto but also the entire ninja community. The emotional toll, battles against past shinobi, and the violation of ninja laws all contribute to the complexity and seriousness of this issue.

In conclusion, the use of Jutsu Edo Tensei in the Boruto era is a decision with significant implications and challenges. Boruto would face not only criticism and condemnation but also serious legal consequences. The emotional conflicts, battles against powerful shinobi from the past, and violation of ninja laws all contribute to the complexity and risks associated with this technique. Before considering its use, Boruto must carefully weigh the potential outcomes and decide whether the temporary benefits are worth the long-term consequences.

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