The Complex Power Struggle: Marley vs Eldia in Attack on Titan
The Complex Power Struggle: Marley vs Eldia in Attack on Titan

The Complex Power Struggle: Marley vs Eldia in Attack on Titan

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The world of Attack on Titan is far more intricate than what meets the eye. Beyond the massive walls that protect humanity, there exists another civilization, shattering the notion that it is the remnants of mankind. At the heart of this narrative is a power struggle between two dominant forces: Marley and Eldia.

Marley, once a nation dominated by Eldia, rose to become a powerful empire in its own right. However, this ascent to dominance was triggered by the threat of Ymir Fritz, the original possessor of the titan powers. In order to resist Ymir’s overwhelming might, Marley took control and rebelled against the Eldia dynasty, leading to the collapse of their reign. As a result, Marley acquired seven out of nine titan powers, solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with.

While Marley flourished, the plight of the Eldians on the mainland took a dark turn. Faced with discrimination and persecution not only from Marley but also from other nations, the Eldians found themselves oppressed and marginalized. This oppressive dynamic reverberated not only outside the walls of Paradis Island, but also within them.

Marley, in a calculated move, would periodically send criminals from the Eldian population to Paradis Island, transforming them into titans as a constant threat and reminder of their control. This aggression towards Paradis Island was initiated in cooperation with the Titan Shifters – Reiner, Bertolt, Annie, and Marcel Galliard, who were once part of the Eldian community themselves.

The suffering endured by Paradis Island at the hands of the titans is not merely a twist of fate, but rather a consequence of Marley’s actions. From creating titans out of criminal Eldians to controlling the Titan Shifters, Marley orchestrated the chaos and misery that plagued Paradis Island.

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However, Marley’s failed attempt to obtain the power of the Founding Titan sparked a four-year war that drained their resources. It was during this time that Marley realized their vulnerability and the importance of acquiring the Coordinator power from the Founding Titan. With advancements in weapons capable of destroying the titans, Marley’s status as the dominant nation was at stake.

In conclusion, the world depicted in Attack on Titan is multifaceted, interwoven with a complex power struggle between Marley and Eldia. Discrimination and oppression of the Eldians serve as integral elements of the narrative, while the quest for the Founding Titan’s power drives the conflict forward. Both sides employ various means to secure their objectives, ranging from wars and rebellions to manipulation and leveraging the mighty Titan powers.

By delving deeper into the layers of this story, audiences are confronted with the harsh realities of power, discrimination, and the devastating consequences they have on those caught in the crossfire.

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