The Boxer Manhwa is Set to Get Adapted into Korean Anime!
The Boxer Manhwa is Set to Get Adapted into Korean Anime!

The Boxer Manhwa is Set to Get Adapted into Korean Anime!

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The Boxer, a popular Manhwa published on Webtoon, is set to be adapted into a Korean anime known as aeni. The Manhwa has garnered over 160 million views, and the anime adaptation will be produced by Korean animation studio XTORM. The aeni will include 12 episodes, with each lasting for 24 minutes. Its official release date is yet to be announced.

Fans of The Boxer Manhwa are thrilled to learn that it will be adapted into an anime. The creator, Jung Ji-hoon, who also wrote The Horizon and I Have Something to Tell You, wrote the Manhwa. It has 123 chapters and premiered on Webtoon in May 2020. The Manhwa quickly became a fan favorite and ended on June 22, 2022. Daewon C.I. published The Boxer in the form of a book on October 29, 2021.

The story of The Boxer revolves around Yu, who will remain the main character in the anime adaptation. Yu is a 17-year-old boy who is frequently the victim of bullying. As a result, he loses his ability to act normally and becomes emotionally numb. Despite his incredible talent for dodging punches, Yu prefers to let his attackers hit him as he sees no point in fighting back. However, everything changes when Yu meets a former boxing coach named K, who has produced five champions. K immediately sees Yu’s almost superhuman fighting charisma from years of experience and excellent instincts.

Although Yu is initially uninterested, K takes him under his wing. After remembering memories of his past and feeling the warmth of the light, Yu changes his mind and accepts K’s offer. As a result, Yu enters a harsh environment where he must fight against powerful enemies for the first time. Along with Yu, The Boxer will also feature other teenage boxers, such as Ryu Baeksan, a talented child who can outperform his opponents with his unusual boxing style, even though he has had little training and has fought against much heavier boxers.

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Furthermore, the Manhwa includes other professional boxers, such as Aaron Tide, Elliot von Heinberg, Gang Amseok, Jean-Pierre Manuel, John Taker, Kasim Al Hajad, Santorino Fabrizo, and more. The Boxer is the latest Manhwa to be adapted into an anime. However, unlike the others, this aeni will likely feature the Korean language as it is produced by a local studio. Thus far, only Lookism has been adapted into an aeni featuring the Korean language, while most other adaptations, such as The God of High School and The Tower of God, use the Japanese language. Solo Leveling even experienced changes in character names after being adapted into an anime by A-1 Pictures.

In conclusion, The Boxer Manhwa’s adaptation into a Korean anime is highly anticipated by fans. XTORM, the Korean animation studio producing the aeni, is sure to deliver excellent quality. The Boxer Manhwa’s success will undoubtedly translate into the aeni adaptation’s success, and fans can expect an exciting and adrenaline-filled anime series!

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