The Bombardment Synopsis and Review: Tragic Bombing in Copenhagen
The Bombardment Synopsis and Review: Tragic Bombing in Copenhagen

The Bombardment Synopsis and Review: Tragic Bombing in Copenhagen

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The Bombardment is a historical drama film that depicts the tragic event that happened in Denmark during World War II. This film is based on the true story of the Royal Air Force’s attempt to attack the Gestapo Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unfortunately, one of their bombs missed its target and hit the Jeanne d’Arc Catholic School, killing hundreds of people, including children who were studying there.

The film stars Alex Hogh Andersen as Frederik, a member of HIPO, the Danish secret police who collaborated with Gestapo, the Nazi Germans. Actress Fanny Bornedal plays Sister Teresa, a nun who is also one of the teachers at Jeanne d’Arc and becomes a victim of the bombing.

The story is told from various perspectives, beginning with Gestapo’s continuous arrests of members of the Danish Resistance Movement in Copenhagen. The Resistance Movement then seeks help from the Royal Air Force to bomb the Gestapo headquarters in a building called Shell House. Meanwhile, Peter, an RAF fighter pilot and his assistant, have a mission to attack a car filled with Nazi German staff. However, his attack misses and hits a civilian car with three teenage girls and a driver inside.

Henry, a young boy, witnesses the horrific event and becomes traumatized. He cannot speak anymore and develops a fear of airplanes. His mother takes him to a doctor, who tries unsuccessfully to make him talk again. She then sends Henry to live with his cousin Rigmor in Copenhagen. There, he meets Eva, Rigmor’s friend who witnessed a similar event but can still speak fluently. Rigmor convinces Henry to try to talk again, and he starts attending the Jeanne d’Arc Catholic School where he meets Sister Teresa.

Sister Teresa is a devout Catholic who occasionally breaks religious rules to seek proof of God’s existence. Frederik, on the other hand, is a HIPO officer under Gestapo’s control, tasked with capturing members of the Danish Resistance Movement who are in hiding. They meet when Sister Teresa sees Frederik beating a member of the Resistance Movement on the street. She then tells him that he will burn in hell for what he has done. That night, Frederik visits her at the church, and they unintentionally start to like each other.

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On the day of the attack, the RAF sends 30 bombers to attack Shell House. Although they are successful in bombarding the Gestapo headquarters, one of their bombs unintentionally hits Jeanne d’Arc Catholic School. Rigmor, Sister Teresa, along with all the nuns and students, are trapped in the rubble that destroys the school. Fortunately, Henry survives the explosion and helps the rescue team identify the victims’ identities. Eva’s whereabouts are still unknown.

The Bombardment is a well-made film that tells a tragic and historical event with various perspectives. The movie depicts the terror and fear of war from the point of view of civilians and those who were caught in the crossfire. It showcases the destruction and chaos that war brings and how it shatters hopes and dreams.

In conclusion, The Bombardment is a must-watch film that encompasses drama, history, and war. It portrays a tragic event that changed many people’s lives and brings attention to the horrors of war. The acting is superb, and the storytelling is brilliant, making it a great film for anyone interested in historical dramas.

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