The Benefits of Shortening Links and How to Do it with Bitly
The Benefits of Shortening Links and How to Do it with Bitly

The Benefits of Shortening Links and How to Do it with Bitly

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When it comes to sharing links, long URLs can be unsightly and difficult to manage. However, there is a solution – link shortening. In addition to its cosmetic benefits, shortening links has practical uses as well. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of short links and show you how to use Bitly to shorten your URLs.

Benefits of Shortening Links

1. Easy to remember: Long links are often difficult to memorize. Writing them in a shorter format allows users to recall them more easily.

2. Twitter-friendly: Twitter enforces a maximum character limit of 160. Shortened URLs can make text-heavy tweets more efficient.

3. Affiliate marketing: Short links can mask lengthy, complicated affiliate links that may turn off potential customers.

How to Shorten Links with Bitly

First, it is important to note that shortened links do not change the destination of the original URL, only the route used to get there. Follow these steps to shorten your link using Bitly:

1. Prepare your link: Locate the URL you want to shorten.

2. Create an account: Register for a Bitly account. Signing up is quick and easy.

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3. Create your link: Using the ‘Paste Long URL’ field, enter your link. Click ‘Create.’

4. Edit your link: Once created, click ‘Edit’ and generate the custom URL of your choice. Bitly will automatically suggest a short URL, but you can choose your own with the ‘Customize’ option. Be sure it is not already taken.

5. Save your link: Click ‘Save’ and your newly shortened link is ready to use.

Bitly is not the only link shortening service available. Here are a few other options:, TinyURL,,,, AdFly,, T2M, and Soo.Gd.

Short urls can make sharing links more manageable and aesthetically pleasing. Implementing this strategy can benefit businesses and individuals alike. By following the steps above, you can use Bitly to simplify your URLs and optimize your online presence.

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