Synopsis: The Doll 2 - A Horror-Infused Family Drama
Synopsis: The Doll 2 - A Horror-Infused Family Drama

Synopsis: The Doll 2 – A Horror-Infused Family Drama

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The Doll 2 is a 2017 Indonesian horror-thriller movie directed by Rocky Soraya that is a sequel to the original The Doll. The story revolves around a cursed doll named Ghawiyah and the people whose lives come in contact with it, as they navigate through supernatural terrors and ghosts that haunt them at every corner.

The movie opens with a family in distress, as they plead with two paranormal investigators to help them. They are warned that they have entered a forbidden room, where the cursed doll Ghawiyah resides. The investigators reveal that the doll is still in this world because there is some unfinished business that needs to be resolved. They begin to pray to pacify the malevolent spirit that possesses Ghawiyah, but they are interrupted by the spirit of the doll who communicates with them through the daughter of the household, Shela. The spirit warns them that it will kill them all, and then proceeds to take possession of Shela’s body and murders the family’s maid.

The story then shifts to Maira, a mother trying to come to terms with her daughter’s recent death, as she plays hide-and-seek with her daughter Kayla. The scene is shot through Kayla’s POV, as she loves recording everything that happens around her. Maira finds one of Kayla’s favorite dolls named Sabrina, and it appears that Kayla has hidden the doll in a secret location.

Later that night, Maira and Aldo, her husband, get into a car accident while taking their daughter to her grandparents’ house. Kayla dies in the accident, and Maira is consumed by grief. She starts to feel like her entire life has lost purpose and begins talking to Kayla’s favorite doll, Sabrina. Meanwhile, Aldo decides to do something special to commemorate Kayla’s birthday, but it all goes wrong.
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As Maira experiences strange occurrences, including toilets flushing and televisions turning on by themselves, she starts to feel like something supernatural is at work. A friend of hers, Elsa, suggests that they try to communicate with Kayla’s spirit using a popular Indonesian song, “Lingsir Wengi.” After numerous attempts to communicate with Kayla’s spirit fail, Elsa proposes that Maira try to move on with her life by doing things she used to do. However, strange events continue to plague Maira, and she becomes increasingly obsessed with Sabrina.

Maira decides to go to the paranormal investigator Laras for help, hoping that she can rid her of the evil that plagues her. Laras, a widowed mother still traumatized by her son’s death, initially rejects Maira’s plea for help, but relents when Maira reveals that she has seen the cursed doll Ghawiyah. The two women go on a terrifying journey to find out the truth about the doll and the events that led to Kayla’s death.

In conclusion, The Doll 2 is a nail-biting horror-thriller movie that explores the themes of grief, loss, and obsession. It provides a gripping narrative that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. With a soul-stirring plot that is both scary and emotionally poignant, The Doll 2 is definitely one of the must-watch movies of its genre.

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