Synopsis & Review of The Theory of Everything (2014)
Synopsis & Review of The Theory of Everything (2014)

Synopsis & Review of The Theory of Everything (2014)

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The Theory of Everything is a biographical drama that tells the life journey of a British physicist named Stephen Hawking and his love story with his first wife, Jane Wilde Hawking. The film is adapted from Jane’s book, Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. Eddie Redmayne portrays Stephen Hawking, while Felicity Jones plays Jane Hawking.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in November 2014 and received positive reviews from critics. The Theory of Everything earned several nominations at the Academy Awards, and Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor.


Stephen Hawking is an astrophysics student at the University of Cambridge. He is in a romantic relationship with a literature student named Jane Wilde. One day, Hawking and his professor, Dennis Sciama, attend a seminar discussing black holes. Hawking concludes that black holes are likely part of the creation of the universe.

Hawking continues his research, but he suddenly starts losing strength in his muscles and falls while walking around campus. After an examination, he is diagnosed with motor neuron disease, which affects the nerves throughout his body. Doctors predict that he has only two years to live, but his brain is still functional, and he can continue to think, although he will eventually lose the ability to speak.

Despite the diagnosis, Hawking focuses on his research while Jane remains loyal to him. They get married and have two children named Robert Hawking and Lucy Hawking. Hawking finishes his research and presents his thesis that black holes created the universe in the Big Bang event.

Hawking becomes a famous physicist while Jane raises their children and takes care of him. However, Jane struggles to complete her own thesis. She joins a church choir and meets a man named Jonathan, who becomes close to the family. Jane asks Jonathan to teach piano to their children.

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Hawking’s mother-in-law suspects that Jane and Jonathan have an affair, especially when Jane gives birth to their third child, Timothy Hawking. Although Jane denies it, she confesses her love for Jonathan.

Later, Hawking is hospitalized due to pneumonia, and doctors inform Jane that he requires an operation that will leave him unable to speak.


One thing to acknowledge about this film is Eddie Redmayne’s exceptional performance as Stephen Hawking. He portrays the character in a mesmerizing way, from physique to emotions, and his portrayal of the scientist seems incredibly realistic. Felicity Jones plays Jane Wilde Hawking so beautifully; her character is full of love and affection for her husband. Jones delivers her performance outstandingly.

Overall, The Theory of Everything is an emotionally charged experience. The film beautifully captures the story of Hawking’s personal and professional life, including what he accomplished and the challenges he faced every day. It’s a tale of courage, determination, and unconditional love.


In conclusion, The Theory of Everything is a must-watch for movie lovers who are interested in exploring the life of one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century. The acting performances are outstanding, and the direction and cinematography are gorgeous. With an engaging story, this film will leave you feeling inspired and enlightened.

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