Synopsis & Review of Eyes Wide Shut: An Entrapping Desire that Blinds
Synopsis & Review of Eyes Wide Shut: An Entrapping Desire that Blinds

Synopsis & Review of Eyes Wide Shut: An Entrapping Desire that Blinds

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Eyes Wide Shut is a 1999 film directed by the legendary director Stanley Kubrick. It falls under the genres of Drama, Mystery, and Thriller. The movie takes place in New York, where a doctor named Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) are struggling with their marriage.

The movie begins with Bill and Alice attending a Christmas party hosted by one of Bill’s patients, Victor Ziegler. It is at this party that Bill meets an old college friend, Nick Nightingale, who is now a piano player. At the same time, Alice is being pursued by Sandor Szavost, a guest from Hungary, with his romantic poetry. During the party, both Bill and Alice find themselves tempted by their respective admirers. However, Bill’s temptation is put to an abrupt halt when he is called by Victor to attend to a woman who has overdosed.

As Bill and Alice head back home after the party, they smoke marijuana and have an intense conversation about their lives, marriage, and desires. Alice accuses Bill of wanting to have sex with the two models at the Christmas party, and Bill denies it, swearing that he could never cheat on her. This leads to a heated argument between the couple, highlighting the issues that they are facing in their relationship.

The next day, Bill is informed that one of his patients has died. He travels to the patient’s house, where he meets the patient’s daughter, Marion, who tries to seduce him. As he leaves the house feeling uncomfortable, Bill’s curiosity piques, and he finds himself in a lustful environment where he must navigate through a series of secret gatherings, where everyone is masked, and participants fulfill their darkest desires. The mystery surrounding the events at the mansion and the people in attendance, including an unknown woman who surreptitiously warns Bill to leave, makes the audience question what’s really going on.
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Eyes Wide Shut is not just about the sexual desires of its characters; it is also a psychological drama that looks deeper into their minds. The movie portrays the inner struggles of a couple in a monogamous relationship but finds themselves drawn towards other people. The characters’ struggles are explored through long dialogues, giving the audience a clear picture of their thoughts and emotions.

The storyline of Eyes Wide Shut is a mix of drama, eroticism, and mystery, which unfold slowly throughout the film. The plot is designed in such a way that it builds a sense of dread and anticipation within the audience. With brilliant performances by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Stanley Kubrick creates a world that is equal parts alluring and dangerous.


Eyes Wide Shut is a movie that explores the complexities of human relationships, marriage, and desire. With its psychological approach and tantalizing plot, the movie portrays a couple’s struggle to maintain monogamy and the deadly repercussions that come with stepping out of this conscious agreement. The story is expertly crafted, leaving the audience in suspense throughout the film with a surprise ending that is sure to leave viewers talking for days.

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