Synopsis: Out of Inferno
Synopsis: Out of Inferno

Synopsis: Out of Inferno

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Out of Inferno is a movie that depicts the harrowing events and aftermath of a devastating fire that occurs in a tall building filled with visitors. The movie, released in 2013, is a disaster-thriller genre and is produced by Universe Entertainment, Sun Entertainment Culture, and Bona Film Group. It is directed by Pang Brothers, consisting of Danny Pang and Oxide Pang. The film boasts of an all-star cast, including Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Chen Sicheng, Angelica Lee, and Marc Ma.

The story revolves around two siblings, brothers Tei Kwan (Sean Lau) and A Keung (Louis Koo), both working as firemen. The brothers’ relationship sours following the death of their father, causing them to drift apart and lead their own lives. Kwan remains a senior fireman while Keung sets up a business selling premium firefighting equipment in the building.

The plot thickens when Kwan’s wife Shi Lok (Angelica Lee) visits a clinic in the skyscraper, Guangzhou International Trade Center. She meets Keung, who has just opened an office in the building, and invites him to dine with Kwan before leaving for their respective destinations. Moments later, a repairman smokes near an A/C machine, causing a small fire that soon spreads and becomes an inferno.

Keung, who also works in the building and is in charge of fire safety, receives an alarm signal that all the fire alarms on the building’s floor are on but without a visible fire. Keung suspects something amiss and immediately asks the building’s management team to investigate the cause of the alarm. He was right, and a smoldering fire in the A/C room was discovered. Unfortunately, due to an open door leading to the outside, the fire quickly spread throughout the building via the air ducts, causing panic and destruction.
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Keung initiates evacuation procedures to the ground floor, bringing along his fiancé, Ping-Ping (Natalie Tong), and all the guests from the top floor. Kwan receives the emergency call and rushes to rescue his pregnant wife trapped in the building as it turns into a blazing inferno. The intensity of the fire forces the sprinkler system to malfunction, making the situation even more dangerous.

The situation becomes desperate when Shi Lok and her unborn child are trapped in the clinic by falling debris. Keung, who discovered them, tries to rescue them and finds a safe room for them and the rescued guests. Kwan and his team try to combat the flames, but the fire keeps spreading rapidly, eventually resulting in catastrophic levels.


Out of Inferno is a pulse-pounding thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat as you follow the story’s characters’ struggle to survive in the middle of an inferno. Pang Brothers’ mastery in storytelling and direction has made this movie a memorable one, filled with action, suspense, and heart-wrenching moments that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. The movie is a must-watch for disaster-thriller enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a gripping movie with a compelling storyline.

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