Synopsis of Woori The Virgin (2022): A Girl's Unplanned Pregnancy after Artificial Insemination
Synopsis of Woori The Virgin (2022): A Girl's Unplanned Pregnancy after Artificial Insemination

Synopsis of Woori The Virgin (2022): A Girl’s Unplanned Pregnancy after Artificial Insemination

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Woori The Virgin (2022) is a Korean drama series adapted from the American series Jane The Virgin. The story revolves around the life of a religious girl named Woo Ri, who believes in not having sexual relations outside of marriage. Woo Ri’s principle is rare, but her boyfriend, Kang Jae, respects and is willing to wait for her. However, when they are about to take their relationship to the next level, Woo Ri suddenly finds out that she is pregnant. The reason behind it is the result of a failed artificial insemination procedure. The sperm donor is a CEO who is already married. Will Woo Ri keep her baby despite the circumstances? The article below from our site will guide you through the journey of Woo Ri in Woori The Virgin (2022).


Woo Ri is a 29-year-old religious girl who has decided to remain a virgin until marriage. She firmly believes in not having sexual relations outside of wedlock. Her decision was made because Woo Ri herself was born out of wedlock. Her mother gave birth to her when she was only 16 years old.

Woo Ri’s mother, Oh Eun Ran, regrets having Woo Ri because her birth hindered her from pursuing her dream of becoming a professional singer. Eun Ran decided to leave her boyfriend and raise Woo Ri alone. Her boyfriend, Choi Sung Il, is now a famous actor. Coincidentally, Sung Il is starring in a drama whose script is written by Woo Ri.

Despite her rare principle, Woo Ri manages to find a boyfriend. Lee Kang Jae, a police officer, has been her boyfriend for two years. Kang Jae respects Woo Ri’s principles and is willing to wait for her. Unfortunately, when the time comes for Kang Jae to propose, he is surprised by Woo Ri’s pregnancy news.

Woo Ri is pregnant because of mistaken artificial insemination. The sperm that was injected into her was from Raphael, the CEO of Diamond Cosmetics. The sperm was supposed to be used by Raphael’s wife, Lee Ma Ri. Although Raphael is not a stranger to Woo Ri, who remembers him as her first kiss, he does not recall her.

Raphael recently recovered from stomach cancer and had only one sperm saved for the procedure because he was going through chemotherapy. For this reason, Raphael is now unsure about his wife, Lee Ma Ri, and is in the process of filing for a divorce.

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Lee Ma Ri has lied a lot to get Raphael’s attention. She has even had an affair with one of Raphael’s employees, No Man Chul. She planned the artificial insemination without Raphael’s consent to make him stay with her. Unfortunately, Woo Ri gets pregnant instead.

Woo Ri’s mother and grandmother, Seo Gwi Nyeo, find out about the pregnancy and agree to have an abortion because it is a mistake. Eun Ran is the most vocal support of the abortion because she does not want Woo Ri to suffer like she did.

However, Raphael’s father, Kim Duk Bae, wants Woo Ri to keep the baby and is willing to pay for it. Woo Ri finally decides to keep the baby as a sign of gratitude for not being aborted by her mother. Kang Jae accepts her decision, and they visit Raphael’s office to talk about the issue.

Once there, Kang Jae is shocked to find the body of No Man Chul covered in blood. No Man Chul worked for Raphael’s beauty clinic and was under investigation by Kang Jae for his alleged connection to a drug dealer. The night before, Kang Jae had taken a picture of No Man Chul, who was caught passionately embracing Lee Ma Ri.

Woo Ri faints in Raphael’s arms after seeing the blood-covered body. Kang Jae’s focus is now divided between pursuing No Man Chul’s murder case or figuring out why Woo Ri is being hugged by another man.


Woori The Virgin (2022) has a storyline that is full of twists and turns that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The series highlights Woo Ri’s principled character and how she navigates the unexpected pregnancy. The surprising plotlines make it an exciting and unpredictable series to watch. Through the different events and characters, the series showcases the complexities of human relationships and how they can affect our decisions. Overall, Woori The Virgin (2022) is a must-see series that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

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