Synopsis of The Privilege, a Horror Drama Movie about the Elite and Devil Worship
Synopsis of The Privilege, a Horror Drama Movie about the Elite and Devil Worship

Synopsis of The Privilege, a Horror Drama Movie about the Elite and Devil Worship

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The Privilege (2022) is a horror drama movie directed by Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde. This film tells a story about devil worship by the elite. The story starts when Finn, an 18-year-old boy who has a twin sister named Sophie, still has the trauma from several years ago. Finn and Sophie have visited a psychologist to cure their trauma. However, Finn gets hallucinations of seeing spirits or demons.

One night, Finn saw his parents and Sophie being involved in a ritual with an old lady at their home. Despite claiming that Sophie is in danger, nobody believes Finn’s word except Lena, his best friend who wants to help him. Finn starts to investigate and discovers an unusual substance in the pill he regularly takes. Moreover, he also finds his schoolmates consuming the same pill for various reasons, including the parents’ recommendation.

When Finn brings the substance to the lab, their teacher tells them that it contains a type of fungus that grows on corpses. Besides, he is referred to Eliska, a researcher and paranormal investigator who could help Finn’s situation. Eliska tells Finn that the fungus has the ability to make people hallucinate, which opens the gate between the living and the dead. She also warns Finn that Sophie is in danger.

Thus, Finn, Lena, and Samira, another friend from school, attempt to exorcise Sophie and communicate with the evil spirit at Finn’s house. Unfortunately, the ghost is too strong and harms Eliska, forcing them to escape. The next day, Lena discovers that the substance contains Thyrozepham, a pill marketed by Finn’s father’s company as a drug for younger generations to boost productivity. Meanwhile, Finn and Samira find out that they are all adopted and that their biological parents are unknown.
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The Privilege provides a unique perspective on the spiritual aspect of human beings. The storyline raises awareness of the danger of blindly following trends and disregarding the true essence of human life. The casts deliver their roles exceptionally well, especially Max Schimmelpfennig as Finn and Lea van Acken as Lena, bringing the horror and thrill to the screen.

In conclusion, The Privilege is an excellent horror drama movie that can leave you feeling haunted after watching it. This evergreen content could gather horror fans’ interest worldwide, as it provides a unique horror experience alongside a cautionary tale of what could happen if we let ourselves blindly trust new trends.

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