Synopsis of the Movie Mr. Harrigan's Phone
Synopsis of the Movie Mr. Harrigan's Phone

Synopsis of the Movie Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a horror film adapted from a novel by the renowned horror-genre writer, Stephen King. The film tells the story of a wealthy old man, Harrigan Harrigan, who dies due to an illness. A teenage boy named Craig, who is close to him, sneaks a phone into the coffin. The phone starts to ring, and soon strange and supernatural things begin to happen.

The film starts with a brief introduction to the life of Craig. After the death of his mother, Craig spends most of his time alone. He loves to read books and is good at it. Harrigan Harrigan, a retired billionaire, notices Craig’s talent and hires him to read books to him. Harrigan enjoys Craig’s company and gives him advice on life.

As years pass, Craig becomes a teenager, and Harrigan becomes his best friend. Harrigan even gives Craig a lottery ticket from his company, which makes Craig very happy. He wins $3,000 and buys a new iPhone for himself and one for Harrigan, who is not fond of technology but accepts it as a gift from Craig.

Craig’s life at school is not easy. He becomes a target of bullying by another teenager named Kenny. One day, when Craig goes to Harrigan’s house to read him a book, he finds Harrigan dead. Craig is devastated and puts Harrigan’s phone in the coffin so that he can communicate with him after death.

The next day, a lawyer visits Craig and gives him Harrigan’s entire fortune and promises to pay for his education. Craig tries to contact Harrigan through the phone, but he doesn’t get any response. Strange things start to happen after that. Craig receives calls from an unknown number, and when he answers them, he hears Harrigan’s voice.

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The film takes a supernatural turn from here, and Craig finds himself in a dangerous situation. Harrigan’s ghost seems to haunt him through the phone, and Craig has to get rid of the phone to save his own life.

Overall, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a well-made and engaging horror film that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. It explores the theme of life after death and communication with the dead through technology. The performances of the actors, especially Jaeden Martell, Donald Sutherland, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Joe Tippett, are brilliant. The film is directed by John Lee Hancock, who has done an excellent job of bringing Stephen King’s novel to life on the screen.

In conclusion, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a must-watch for horror movie fans. It is a gripping and terrifying tale of communication with the dead through modern technology, which makes it a unique and compelling film.

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