Synopsis of the Movie Furioza
Synopsis of the Movie Furioza

Synopsis of the Movie Furioza

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The movie “Furioza” depicts the daily life of gangsters who operate as hooligans and are quite feared in Poland. The movie is directed by Cyprian T Olencki and produced by Hungry Crocodiles. The main characters are played by Mateusz Banasiuk, Weronika Kalazkiewicz, and Mateusz Damiecki.

The movie centers around the gangster group called Furioza, led by Kaszub (Wojciech Zielinski). The gangsters claim to be hooligans who are fanatically dedicated to supporting their local soccer team. Kaszub firmly believes in not using violence or engaging in illegal activities. Unfortunately, one of Furioza’s members, Daro, was murdered, and this caused his sister, Dzika, to change her allegiance from Furioza to the police force.

Ten years later, Dzika visits Dawid (Mateusz Banasiuk), Kaszub’s brother, who is now a doctor, to request that he infiltrate Furioza to gather information about their involvement in drug trafficking. As a policeman, Dzika blackmails Dawid into helping her. Dawid agrees to help to save Kaszub from imprisonment.

Dawid returns to Furioza and reunites with his old friends. He fights in the gang’s battles against rival gangsters, which they call honorable brawls. Dawid begins to regain his reputation in Furioza. Meanwhile, the police are unable to find any evidence of Furioza’s involvement in drug trafficking.

Golden, one of Furioza’s members and Kaszub’s closest friends, is secretly running a drug business. He transacts with Polanski, a drug dealer, and Mworka, a hooligan from another team. When Kaszub discovers this, he demands that Golden and the other gangsters leave the drug trade if they want to continue being a hooligan and a member of Furioza.

Unfortunately, after Kaszub’s murder, Golden takes over the group and makes them take control of all of Polanski’s business. Golden becomes wealthy, but the police begin to suspect his involvement in drug trafficking. They also found CCTV footage that shows Golden to be the killer of Kaszub. They threaten to release the footage unless Golden cooperates with them.

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The police plan to use Golden as an informant to investigate drug trafficking in Poland. Before the case can be resolved, the video of the murder is released to all Furioza members, including Dawid. Dawid then beats Golden to death, and the other Furioza members cover up the incident, claiming it was an accident.

After Golden’s death, Dawid decides to leave Furioza for good and live a peaceful life by becoming a fisherman. He operates a boat that was left to him by Kaszub. Unfortunately, while working on the beach, a former enemy of his stabs him to death.

Visuals and Unique Aspects of Gangster Life in the Movie “Furioza”

The movie “Furioza” has a runtime of approximately 160 minutes and depicts the life of gangsters and hooligans. The film has a lot of violent scenes and bloodshed, with fighting, beating, and shooting among gangsters, shown in fast-paced action shots.

One unique aspect of the film is the portrayal of various activities the gangsters engage in. For example, the quasi-ritualistic fights between two groups of hooligans that they call “honorable brawls” and initiations that involve the recruits pledging their allegiance to Furioza.


The “Furioza” movie is a captivating portrayal of gangster life in Poland. It shows the intricacies of gang life, the relationships between gang members, and their activities. The movie has some brutal scenes of violence that may be disturbing for some viewers, but it depicts the reality of criminal life. Overall, the movie is an entertaining watch for those interested in gang culture and action-filled crime drama.

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