Synopsis of The Interest of Love: A Complicated Romance Drama
Synopsis of The Interest of Love: A Complicated Romance Drama

Synopsis of The Interest of Love: A Complicated Romance Drama

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The Interest of Love is a new Korean drama directed by Jo Young Min that touches on the complexities of romantic relationships. The story revolves around four employees from different backgrounds who work at a bank and find themselves caught up in complicated romantic relationships. Each of them struggles with low self-esteem, which influences their love lives negatively. Doubts, feelings of inferiority, hurt pride, and worthlessness become the main conflicts in the drama.

The Interest of Love is not your typical romantic drama that is filled with lovey-dovey scenes and flowers. At times, viewers might feel frustrated with the characters and the slow progress of the story. However, the drama portrays a fascinating story about human emotions, and how people deal with the challenges of love in different ways.

Ha Sang Su, the head of the Yeongpo branch bank, notices a contract employee named Ahn Su Yeong, who is known as the “goddess of Yeongpo.” Despite only having a high school diploma, Su Yeong has worked at the bank longer than many other employees. She even taught Sang Su the ropes of the job when he first started working at the bank.

Su Yeong’s beauty and shy demeanor make her the center of attention among the male employees. One day, Sang Su makes a mistake at work and is sent to meet with a bank customer in Jeju. Su Yeong, who feels partly responsible for the mishap, is also assigned to go there.

During their trip, Sang Su tries to get closer to Su Yeong, and their connection deepens once they return to Seoul. Sang Su starts messaging her, and she appears responsive, even using a picture taken in Jeju as her profile photo. When Sang Su invites Su Yeong to watch a movie together, she agrees. However, when he then invites her to dinner, she has to work overtime, and her attitude toward Sang Su turns cold.

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Office gossip then spreads that Su Yeong is in a relationship with Jung Jung Hyeon, a security guard who works at their bank. Sang Su asks Su Yeong directly, and she denies the rumors. However, her behavior toward Sang Su remains cold and distant. Things get even worse when Sang Su sees Su Yeong and Jung Hyeon hugging. Su Yeong then goes on a blind date, which leaves Sang Su confused and heartbroken.

The bank where they work introduces a new assistant manager, Park Mi Gyeong, who happens to be Sang Su’s former university classmate. Despite being from different cohorts, their shared alma mater creates an instant bond. Mi Gyeong invites Sang Su to have dinner with her, and they start to develop a good working relationship. Mi Gyeong is also friendly to the other employees and fits in smoothly.

Through office gossip, Mi Gyeong learns about the rumors concerning Su Yeong and becomes suspicious of Sang Su. Will their relationship progress into something more?


The Interest of Love depicts how human emotions can complicate romantic relationships, especially when self-esteem issues come into play. The actors’ portrayals are impressive, and the storyline remains engaging throughout the drama. Viewers can relate to the characters’ conflicting feelings and the challenges that arise within their relationships. Despite the lack of romantic scenes and the slow story pace, The Interest of Love is a worthwhile watch for anyone interested in romance dramas with a unique twist.

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