Synopsis of The Grand Budapest Hotel
Synopsis of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Synopsis of The Grand Budapest Hotel

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The Grand Budapest Hotel takes place in a fictional country named Zubrowka and revolves around a grand hotel located in the mountains that offer luxurious facilities and services to its wealthy guests. The story begins with a young girl visiting the grave of an author and bringing along a book called The Grand Budapest Hotel, which recounts the events that took place in 1968. The book tells a complicated tale that involves inheritance, mystery, and attempted murder, making it a compelling story full of twists and turns.

The narrator visits The Grand Budapest Hotel, which now appears derelict, and meets the owner, Zero Moustafa, who prefers to sleep in a simple employee room rather than a luxurious suite. During dinner, Zero shares his experience working at the hotel as a bellboy in 1932, where he served under Monsieur Gustave H, the concierge who tirelessly flirts with wealthy guests, including the aged Madame D, who passed away a month after her visit.

Gustave and Zero visit Madame D’s home, where her family, including her son Dmitri, was gathered to hear the reading of her will. During the reading, it is revealed that Gustave was left a Renaissance painting entitled Boy with Apple. This led to a confrontation with Dmitri, who accuses Gustave and Zero of killing his mother and orders his henchman to capture them and retrieve the painting. Gustave is arrested by Inspector Henckles, who believes he has committed murder.

Gustave, along with his fellow inmates, plans a prison break in which Agatha, Zero’s fiancée and a pastry chef, smuggles the necessary tools inside a cake. Gustave and his gang succeed in escaping, seeking the aid of The Society of the Crossed Keys, a group of concierges, to clear his name.
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The plot thickens when Gustave and Zero discover another will and face the consequences of their actions. The film is full of suspense and thrilling scenes, making it a must-watch movie for anyone interested in a story that is both entertaining and full of twists.

Unique storytelling by Wes Anderson

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a unique masterpiece created by director Wes Anderson, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Hugo Guinness. The film is inspired by the works of Austrian novelist Stefan Zweig and the duo’s experiences while touring Europe. The result is a story that is both fresh and compelling, told in Anderson’s signature style, which features convoluted yet enjoyable narration with a fast pace that keeps the audience’s attention.

Despite dealing with a murder mystery and a serious theme, Anderson successfully managed to infuse the film with comedy elements, making it light yet still loaded with suspense. The witty dialogue, eccentric cast of characters, and dry humor that are typical of Anderson’s films are all present and accounted for in The Grand Budapest Hotel.


In summary, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a movie that delivers a captivating story full of suspense, humor, and unique storytelling. The film’s setting, along with the cast of eccentric characters, is brought to life by Anderson’s vivid direction, producing a movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Any movie buff looking for a story that is different from the typical movie fare will surely appreciate Anderson’s masterpiece.

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