Synopsis of Stellar: A Magical Ride
Synopsis of Stellar: A Magical Ride

Synopsis of Stellar: A Magical Ride

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Stellar: A Magical Ride (2022) is a South Korean movie directed by Kwon Soo Kyung. The story revolves around the life of Park Young Bae, played by Son Ho Jun, who works for Seo Sa Jang as a field worker. He is responsible for collecting payments from car owners who have defaulted on their loans. However, he faces a tough predicament when his friend Dong Sik, played by Lee Kyu Hyung, sells a car worth over 3 billion Won that had been entrusted to him by Young Bae. In this synopsis, we follow Young Bae’s journey as he navigates through life using his father’s old and neglected car, which surprisingly helps him overcome hurdles, including gangsters who want him dead.

The Plot

Young Bae’s life takes a dramatic turn when his friend betrays him by selling the car he was supposed to deliver. This puts Young Bae at risk of losing his job and reputational identity. To make matters worse, the actual owner of the car, Seo Sa Jang, starts pursuing him, wanting him to be held liable for the missing vehicle. With limited options, Young Bae decides to use his father’s old run-down car to run, but this seems to bring new and unexpected experiences his way.

Subheading 2: Young Bae’s Father’s Car, a Surprising Savior

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Young Bae’s father’s car turns out to be a game-changer. The car, which he despised, becomes his savior in more ways than he could imagine. Several times during his journey, the old car saves him from danger and guides him on his quest to find his friend and clear his name. While his father’s car is old and rusty, it quickly becomes evident that it’s mystical and has some inexplicable powers that help Young Bae overcome all the odds.


Stellar: A Magical Ride is the perfect mix of drama, comedy, and action genres that cleverly intertwine to create an inspiring story of resilience and determination. It’s a movie that reminds us that even the most unassuming things can change one’s fate, and with the right spirit, we can overcome any obstacles. Son Ho Jun and Lee Kyu Hyung deliver great performances, and the director captures the essence and beauty of South Korea with stunning visuals. In summary, Stellar: A Magical Ride is a must-watch movie that will leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

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