Synopsis of New Police Story (2004) - A Review
Synopsis of New Police Story (2004) - A Review

Synopsis of New Police Story (2004) – A Review

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New Police Story, released in 2004, is a reboot of the successful Police Story movie serial that had made three of its movies become some of the best action movies of all time in the Time Out survey. Jackie Chan, the creator of the film, is praised by film critics for his ability to make movies. This movie, too, had an intriguing story that delved into the lives of the police officers in Hong Kong, who faced a massive threat from a dangerous radical youth group.

The movie opens up with a big bank being robbed by a group of troubled youths who are causing a nuisance for the police. One of these youths is Joe Kwan (Daniel Wu), who is rich and problematic, despite being the son of a famous Hong Kong police chief. Enter Inspector Chan Kwok Wing (played by Jackie Chan), who is assigned the task of investigating the robbery.

Inspector Chan soon calls a meeting to discuss the robbery on his girlfriend Sun Ho Hye’s (Charlie Yeung) birthday. Sun is confident in Chan’s abilities to get the job done well with his colleagues, including the young and eager Frank Cheng (Nicholas Tse). The police find out that the youth group is hiding out in a big warehouse, and they raid the place to capture them.

But things go horribly wrong during the raid, and Chan loses all of his colleagues to the deadly traps set by the youth group. Chan is the only survivor, leaving him with a severe trauma of losing his team to the violent traps. He now becomes an alcoholic, and his girlfriend Sun loses hope and leaves him.
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Frank, Chan’s new partner, tries to convince Chan to come back to work, even though Chan is initially against the idea. But he later decides to reopen the case, getting himself and Frank back on the job. However, Chan’s boss, the Police Commissioner Chiu (Yu Rongguang), blames Chan for the failure and is unhappy with his decision to reopen the case.

As Chan and Frank dig deeper into the case, they discover that the youth group is led by Joe Kwan, who has a nasty surprise in store for Chan in the form of a massive trap. Can Chan overcome his trauma and recapture his glory as a successful police officer? Will he be able to catch the culprits? These questions are answered in the thrilling movie New Police Story.

In conclusion, New Police Story is an intense and action-packed movie with a compelling storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Jackie Chan delivers an outstanding performance as Inspector Chan Kwok Wing, a character who faces tremendous emotional and physical hardships during the course of the movie. The film’s climax is gripping, and the twists and turns it takes will leave you in shock. Overall, this movie is an excellent watch for fans of Jackie Chan and action movies alike.

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