Synopsis of National Security (2003)
Synopsis of National Security (2003)

Synopsis of National Security (2003)

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National Security portrays the challenges of being a security officer. The risks and dangers that come with the job where one could pay with their life. The film follows the story of two security personnel, who attempted to be heroes by uncovering a huge case. The synopsis of the film is a mix of action and comedy that will leave you entertained.

The film is set in 2003, and the genre is a blend of both Comedy and Action. Columbia Pictures produced it, and Dennis Dugan directed it. The film features actors like Martin Lawrence, Steve Zahn, Colm Feore, Bill Duke, and Eric Roberts.

The plot revolves around two LAPD officers, Hank Rafferty and Charlie Reed who were investigating a warehouse that contained stolen goods. While chasing the thieves, Charlie got shot and died.

Earl Montgomery, a young man who was trying to become a police officer through the police academy route, lost his chance after he blew up a police car during the selection process. Hank saw Earl trying to break into a car and suspected he was going to steal it. He confronted him, but Earl accused him of being racist.

Hank tried to arrest Earl, but Earl panicked from fear of bees since he was allergic to them. Hank tried to swat the bees away, but a bystander recorded the incident, making it appear as if he was assaulting Earl. Earl was taken into custody and claimed that Hank attacked him, causing his face to bruise even though he was stung by a bee.

Hank was charged with the assault of a civilian and sentenced to six months in prison. After his release, Hank took a job as a security officer, which did not prevent him from investigating Charlie’s death.

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During one of his shifts, Hank found himself confronting a group of thieves. Earl, who worked for the same security company, tried to help, but the thieves got away. Hank and Earl worked together to track them down, and their investigation led them to a truck containing drums of expensive metal.

As they tried to investigate the contents of the drums, the alarm in the truck rang, and they engaged in a heated shootout with the thieves. They fled the scene with the truck and discovered the drums contained several million dollars worth of liquid gold.

After finding various clues regarding the truck’s owner, Hank and Earl realized that there were corrupt police officers working with the criminals. They began to investigate and eventually discovered one of the corrupt policemen was someone they knew.

As Hank and Earl try to solve the case, they learn to work together, becoming an unlikely but entertaining duo. However, the plot becomes predictable from the third act, as the film transforms into a typical ‘from zero to hero’ storyline. The film lacks character depth, and supporting actors fail to intrigue audiences.

Overall, National Security features plenty of comedic elements that will keep you entertained despite its predictable progression. If you’re a fan of comedy-action and are looking for a fun movie to watch, give National Security a try.

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