Synopsis of Mendarat Darurat: Choosing Between a Wife or a Mistress?
Synopsis of Mendarat Darurat: Choosing Between a Wife or a Mistress?

Synopsis of Mendarat Darurat: Choosing Between a Wife or a Mistress?

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Mendarat Darurat is a 2022 Indonesian comedy-drama road film directed by Pandji Pragiwaksono, starring Reza Rahadian, Marissa Anita, Luna Maya, and Pandji Pragiwaksono himself. The film tells a story of Glenn, a man who cheats on his wife Maya with Kania but is forced to confront his infidelity when they survive a plane crash.

Glenn is unhappy in his marriage to Maya and feels trapped since there is no longer any romance between them. His relationship with Kania started in the office, where she is always pushing him to cheat on his wife. Glenn confides in his coworker, Yahya, about his issues and how he feels about Kania.

When Glenn tells his boss about his problems, he advises him to cheat on his wife since he’s already being accused of it every time he comes home late. Feeling encouraged and enlightened, Glenn begins to get closer to Kania, and they start to spend more time together.

Even though it’s a risky move, Kania suggests that they book a hotel room together. Unfortunately, the timing is not on their side since, out of nowhere, they hear the news of a plane crash scheduled to take Glenn on it. Quickly leaving the hotel room, they take a taxi and stop at a street vendor where they enjoy the food.

Later on, they end up at Yahya’s house, where they share their adventures with him. However, Glenn’s wife Maya shows up, and Glenn hides with Kania. Meanwhile, Yahya greets Maya and avoids arousing suspicion that Glenn is cheating on her.

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The film takes viewers through Glenn’s journey to decide whether to choose his wife Maya or Kania, whom he had been cheating on his wife with. Glenn seeks advice from his mother, and she provides him with meaningful insights on how to handle his current situation. Will Glenn come out clean and face the anger of his wife and family, or will he take the easy way out and continue his affair with Kania?

The film’s premise may sound absurd, but as the story unfolds, viewers will be surprised at how the dialog and storyline are real and relatable. The movie makes viewers think about the decisions they make and their consequences. The film’s comedic elements add an extra layer of depth, providing some laughter amidst all the drama.

In conclusion, Mendarat Darurat is a thought-provoking film that tells a compelling story. It’s a comedy-drama that strikes the perfect balance between light-hearted laughs and deep emotional insights. The film’s premise may have started out sounding absurd, but as the story unfolds, it becomes more realistic and relatable. With excellent acting and a well-written screenplay, Mendarat Darurat is an entertaining and engaging movie that you won’t want to miss!

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