Synopsis of Love All Play, the Latest Sports Drama Movie in 2022
Synopsis of Love All Play, the Latest Sports Drama Movie in 2022

Synopsis of Love All Play, the Latest Sports Drama Movie in 2022

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Love All Play is a sports drama movie that was released in 2022. The movie is about two young badminton players, Park Tae Yang and Park Tae Jun, who have admired each other’s skills since they were 12 years old. They meet again when they are both grown-up, but things have changed for Tae Yang after he got involved in a bribery scandal three years ago. This rumor haunts him when he decides to play again. Tae Jun knows that the rumor isn’t true, but he is confused because Tae Yang keeps it a secret and is willing to suffer for something he didn’t do. The movie is about their journey to uncover the truth and overcome their challenges.

Park Tae Yang returns to the badminton court after disappearing for three years. Rumors have been circulating that he was involved in bribing officials to win matches. In reality, Tae Yang had a secret and a trauma that was not related to the scandal. As others mistreat him, Park Tae Jun sees Tae Yang in a different light.

The story unfolds in 6 episodes, where the plot gradually thickens. In episodes 1-4, Park Tae Yang joins the Yunis team after disappearing for three years. He is paid very little and treated unfairly by his teammates, especially Lee Young Sim. Then, Tae Jun hears from Tae Yang that the rumor about bribery is not true but is puzzled why Tae Yang does not explain.

Surprisingly, Tae Jun, as a professional badminton player, does not care about winning or medals but needs money to buy shoes. In his new club, Tae Jun is upset because Tae Yang is mistreated by others. He even declines Tae Yang’s offer to play as a mixed doubles partner. But when Tae Yang praises him, Tae Jun changes his mind. All this while, Tae Yang has low self-esteem because he has never been appreciated by those close to him.
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In episodes 5-6, Tae Jun is impressed with how Tae Yang endures being mistreated by his team members in Yunis. He then asks Tae Yang out on a date but is rejected because Tae Yang is preoccupied with his move to Bank Somang. Later, Tae Yang discovers that his transfer to Bank Somang is purely commercial, and he will be treated like a mascot without a chance to play on the court.

Ultimately, the Love All Play movie revolves around friendship, love, and how two talented badminton players overcome their obstacles. The struggles they face to clear Tae Yang’s name and their journey towards self-discovery makes this movie worth watching.


Overall, Love All Play is an excellent sports drama movie that portrays the challenges and struggles that athletes face on their journey to success. The movie has a captivating storyline that keeps the audience engaged throughout. The chemistry between the lead actors, Park Ju Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop, is amazing, and their performance is top-notch. If you’re looking for an inspiring and entertaining movie, then Love All Play is a must-watch movie that you don’t want to miss.

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