Synopsis of Like & Share (2022)
Synopsis of Like & Share (2022)

Synopsis of Like & Share (2022)

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Like & Share (2022) is a movie that tackles sensitive issues surrounding sexual violence against women and children. Despite its controversial cast, the film directed by Gina S. Noer carries a fresh vibe and delivers powerful messages through its cinematography, scoring, and dialogue. The storyline is so relatable and realistic that it can really make the viewers reflect on their actions.

The movie starts by introducing the beautiful friendship between Lisa (Aurora Ribeiro) and Sarah (Arawinda Kirana). They both attend high school and share dreams of creating their own YouTube channel called Like & Share. They aim to produce ASMR content that can help their viewers relax, ease anxiety, and sleep better. Lisa and Sarah come from broken families and have had very little attention from their parents.

As the movie progresses, the story takes a dark turn as Lisa gets addicted to pornography, starting with a video she stumbled upon entitled “Bokep hp jatoh.” Her behavior becomes increasingly erratic, eventually leading to her being caught orgasming while watching porn by her mother. Her obsession with porn leads her to Fita (Aulia Sarah), a woman she discovered in one of the videos, and Lisa becomes obsessed with her.

Meanwhile, Sarah meets Devan (Jerome Kurnia), a handsome older man she is attracted to. They quickly start a relationship, but Lisa is jealous of this new dynamic and accuses Sarah of neglecting their friendship. Lisa decides to send a nude photo of herself to Devan as proof that all men are the same, which backfires and strains her friendship with Sarah even more.
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The plot thickens when Sarah realizes that Fita is actually the woman in the pornographic video, who had been forced to make the video by her abusive husband. Fita’s story deeply moves Lisa, who learns to empathize with victims of sexual violence. Sarah, on the other hand, finds out that Devan has been secretly recording their intimate moments and sharing them with his friends.

The movie concludes with Lisa convincing Sarah to break up with Devan and seek therapy for the trauma she has endured. It shows a realistic depiction of the aftermath of sexual violence and the importance of supporting and believing the victims.

In conclusion, Like & Share is a strong and realistic depiction of sexual violence that delivers a powerful message against victim-blaming and slut-shaming. The plot portrays the consequences of the trauma endured by the victims, and the importance of seeking help and support. It is a must-watch film for everyone who wants to raise awareness and prevent sexual violence.

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