Synopsis of Kuntilanak 3, a Thrilling Adventure in Sekolah Cenayang
Synopsis of Kuntilanak 3, a Thrilling Adventure in Sekolah Cenayang

Synopsis of Kuntilanak 3, a Thrilling Adventure in Sekolah Cenayang

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Kuntilanak 3 (2022) is a highly anticipated Indonesian horror movie directed by Rizal Mantovani. The horror film is the third installment of the Kuntilanak franchise and it features a storyline that is different from its predecessors. The movie provides excellent visuals, cinematography and stunning effects that will make your hair stand on end. The movie is full of mysteries, thrills and memorable scenes. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive synopsis of Kuntilanak 3.


The film takes viewers on a thrilling, supernatural adventure in Sekolah Cenayang, a school for children with special powers. Dinda, the protagonist, who is tormented by her classmates, discovers that she has unique abilities after a strange incident at home. Her family sends her to Sekolah Mata Hati, a mysterious school that caters to children with extraordinary abilities. At the schol, Dinda discovers she is not alone and meets other children just like her.

As Dinda adjusts to life at the new school, her siblings, Kresna and Miko, are concerned about her safety. The siblings decide to travel to the school whilst attempting to hide their identities. It is later revealed that Dinda is the last descendant of Mangkujiwo and it is believed she has the ability to help save the school.

However, it turns out that the school is being run by Ratu Kuntilanak, a vile female entity that preys on the souls of children. She is joined by Eyang Sukma, a mysterious figure and the wife of the founder of Sekolah Mata Hati. Both characters consume the souls of Cenayang/anak-anak cenayang to add more years to their lives. Unfortunately for Dinda, her soul is of interest to Eyang Sukma while Ratu Kuntilanak is using the school to gather children’s souls as offerings.
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The movie is a superb horror movie that combines the horror genre with comedy and adventure. While the movie is targeted at children, adults will enjoy it too. The cinematography is excellent and the music is equally mesmerizing. Kuntilanak 3 feels like an Indonesian version of Harry Potter with Indonesian local myths used as a premise.

The child actor, Nicole Rossi, who plays Dinda, is perfect for the role, and her performance is outstanding. The movie is different from its predecessors and presents an entirely new and unique storyline that viewers will appreciate. The movie’s blend of local Indonesian traditions, exceptional storytelling, and good characterizations gives the movie a fresh, unique feel that sets it apart from other horror movies.


In conclusion, Kuntilanak 3 is a thrilling and entertaining horror movie that offers an entirely new storyline, exceptional performances, and excellent cinematography. The movie presents a unique combination of adventure, comedy, and horror that makes it an excellent choice for people seeking an adrenaline-packed dose of excitement. Kuntilanak 3 is a must-watch film that is sure to leave viewers thrilled and fascinated.

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