Synopsis of Keramat (2009): A New Horror Experience with Monty Tiwa as the Director
Synopsis of Keramat (2009): A New Horror Experience with Monty Tiwa as the Director

Synopsis of Keramat (2009): A New Horror Experience with Monty Tiwa as the Director

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In 2009, the Indonesian horror film industry was still on the rise, and one of the horror films that was quite popular at that time was Keramat. Directed by Monty Tiwa, this film presented a new nuance that made the audience feel like they were in the middle of the story. By using the footage video technique, the horror element in this film was more palpable and more realistic. With familiar cast members such as Poppy Sovia and Migi Parahita, Keramat will take you on a spine-tingling journey beyond this world.


In Keramat, Poppy (Poppy Sovia) and Cungkring (Monty Tiwa) are making behind-the-scenes footage for their new film, “Menari di Atas Angin” with their crew. On the way to Bantul, one of the crews, Migi (Migi Parahita) began to feel ill. Once they arrived in Bantul, Migi heard a woman crying and then disappeared from her room without anyone knowing.

Later, the crew recognizes that Migi has been possessed by a local ghost named Nyi Pramodawerdani. When Paranormal experts discovered that Migi is in another realm, they decide to bring the entire crew to find her until they reach Parangtritis Beach. Their journey is full of obstacles as they are faced with the reality of greed and ego.


Keramat (2009) is an Indonesian horror film that offers a unique experience compared to most Indonesian horror films. The use of the found footage technique by the cameraman Cungkring enhances the realism of the story. Monty Tiwa delivers a fresh perspective on this horror genre that elevates the story with its compelling narrative.
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The movie stars Poppy Sovia as Poppy, the director of the film within the film. Migi Parahita plays Migi, one of the crews who later had an otherworldly experience. Sadha Triyudha plays Sadha, another crew member who was investigating the noises with Cungkring. Brama Sutasara plays Mas Brama, the local talent who helps the team when they were in Bantul.

The plot of Keramat (2009) flows like a documentary. The backstory of each character is well-developed, which made the audience empathize with their characters. The timing and the use of suspense in the film builds up a natural fear that activates the audience’s imagination.


Keramat (2009) is not just about offering a typical horror movie experience. The film showcases a robust narrative and a captivating storyline that never bores out the audience. With appropriate camera angles and a haunting background score, Monty Tiwa pulls off a horror film genre that Indonesian cinema is not much familiar with. Even though the film is over a decade old, it’s still worth the watch for horror enthusiasts.

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