Synopsis of Keramat 2: Caruban Larang
Synopsis of Keramat 2: Caruban Larang

Synopsis of Keramat 2: Caruban Larang

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Keramat 2: Caruban Larang, a horror film directed by Monty Tiwa, is a tribute to the legendary Indonesian horror film Keramat (2009), which was released over a decade ago. This movie brings back the same horror elements and introduces new faces in the cast, including Umay Shahab, Lutesha, Ajil Ditto, Arla Ailani, and Josephine Firmstone, who have managed to impress the audience with their skills and emotions.

Umay is a young man who wants to make a documentary, and he invites two mystic YouTubers, Ajil and Keanu, to join him in his journey. The trio heads to Cirebon to help Arla with her college research on Cirebonese dance, which is part of her final project. Arla, Jojo, and Maura are also part of the group.

Initially, Arla is not happy with the addition of the two YouTubers, but Umay assures her that they will not interfere with her research. They set off on their journey, and trouble starts brewing when Ajil accidentally kills a black cat. They decide to bury the cat by the roadside and continue with their journey to the hotel they had booked.

However, things take a turn when Umay takes them to a love hotel, which upsets the girls. The following day, they visit Padepokan Tari Caruban Larang, where they intend to conduct research on Nyai Kemuning, a legendary dance performer. They find out that Nyai Kemuning is no longer around and that the only way to learn more about the lost dance is by performing a ritual that invokes the spirit of a dancer named Suryani.
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The group performs the ritual, but it goes wrong, and Maura’s spirit is taken to another realm. Nyai Kemuning tells them that there is a curse surrounding Suryani and her dance. To save Maura’s life, they must perform the Pati Geni ritual, which involves burying a live person.

Keramat 2: Caruban Larang is full of surprises, and Monty Tiwa’s direction keeps the audience engaged throughout. The movie has a slow pace, and the comedy elements are not as effective as they could have been. Nonetheless, the horror elements are well-executed, and the jump scares are unexpected.

The movie relies on its storytelling to keep the audience engaged, and the performances by the cast are impressive. The climax of the movie is intense, and viewers will be kept at the edge of their seats. The cinematography is well-done, and the movie captures the horror of the supernatural realm.

In conclusion, Keramat 2: Caruban Larang is a horror movie that pays homage to its predecessor while introducing new elements. The movie has an engaging storyline, impressive performances, and well-executed horror elements that will keep viewers entertained throughout. Monty Tiwa has done an excellent job in keeping the movie grounded and well-paced, and the result is a satisfying horror movie that delivers on its promises.

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